September 21, 2021

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Pope Francis rebukes the clergy.  He reveals the message he received from the bishop

Pope Francis rebukes the clergy. He reveals the message he received from the bishop

– Please, let us not succumb to the temptation of cheerfulness, the greatness of the world! The Church should be as humble as Jesus, who stripped himself of all that he became poor in order to enrich us, Francis pointed out during a meeting with the clergy at St. Martin’s Cathedral.

He expressed his conviction that “the beautiful is a humble church that does not separate from the world and does not look at life from a distance, but rather dwells in it.” – Let’s get rid of excessive worrying about ourselves, about our structures, about how society perceives us – he pleaded.

He recalled the character of Cardinal Jan Chrysostom Couric, who was persecuted during the communist era, and who died in 2015.

– I was struck by details from the history of Cardinal Coritz. He was a Jesuit cardinal, who was persecuted by the system, imprisoned, and forced to work hard until he fell ill. When he came to Rome for his jubilee in 2000, he entered the catacombs and lit a lamp for his persecutors asking for mercy on them. This is the Gospel, declared the Pope to applause.

Away from the text of the prepared speech, Francis also spoke of the letter he received from the bishop about one of the ambassadors. And as he revealed, the bishop wrote to him: “We’ve been 400 years under Turkish occupation, 50 years under communism, but seven years with this intent was something worse.”

Addressing the clergy, he jokingly criticized the 50-minute sermons with comments that people did not understand. He said that the sermon could not be more than 10 minutes, because after eight minutes people lose their attention.

Then the Pope, who came to the cathedral from the presidential palace, confirmed that he had told the head of state Zuzana Kasputova that “Slovakia is poetry.”

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