October 18, 2021

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Portugal. The government is raising COVID-19 certificates. You don’t have to show it

On Thursday, the Portuguese government announced the end of the order to submit documents proving that the customer is not sick with the COVID-19 virus. It was in effect from July 2021. The state is also canceling – under certain conditions – the requirement to wear masks in public, as well as indoors.

According to the announcement by the government of Antonio Costa, the order for the consumer to submit a Covid passport or a negative test for the presence of the Corona virus will be canceled on October 1.

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Public television RTP, citing the Portuguese government, indicated that the order to submit documents related to COVID-19, in force since July 2021, applies to weekends and holidays, the days with the highest traffic at catering establishments in this country.

In addition, the Portuguese authorities announced that the order to limit the number of guests in restaurants will not apply from October 1.

No more face masks

The head of the socialist government announced, on Thursday evening, that his country cancels, under certain conditions, the requirement to wear masks in public places, including inside homes. However, he had a reservation that the obligation to cover the mouth and nose would still apply in several places.

He explained that masks will still be necessary on public transport, in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as in shopping centers and at major events.

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“A protective mask will still be required anywhere there is no two-metre distance between people,” Antonio Costa added, noting that masks have not been mandatory outdoors for nearly two weeks.

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Data from Portugal

According to Portuguese government data, the easing of restrictions is due to a decrease in the number of coronavirus infections in this country of 10 million and a large number of vaccinated citizens.

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Nearly 84 percent completed the full vaccination process there. Population, over 86% have consumed at least one dose.

According to estimates by Portuguese gastronomic associations, indicated by RTP, during the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 50% of them decided to close their operations. Entrepreneurs working in this sector.

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