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Poznan. The ceiling of the gymnasium collapsed – School complex director Danuta Mikowajak. Jan Kochanowski on the eviction

Poznan.  The ceiling of the gymnasium collapsed - School complex director Danuta Mikowajak.  Jan Kochanowski on the eviction

– You acted like a robot. It all started inside me. First of all: the most important thing is that no one gets hurt. Young. After all, they were in class and had lessons – Director Zespó Szkó im. Jana Kochanowski on the Pod Lipami estate in Pozna recounts without hiding his feelings about evacuating people from the gymnasium. After an unusually strong storm over the city on Tuesday, about 300 square meters of the roof of the building collapsed.

– So dramatic. now only [czuję, że – red.] I can talk about it – says Danuta Mikołajczak, in a trembling voice, Director of the Pozna School Complex. Jan Kochanowski. She tells how she was ordered to vacate the entire gym at the last minute. – Then I acted like a robot, all actions were activated inside me, and most of all: first, no one would get hurt. Young. After all, the children were in the room and had lessons – told TVN24 correspondent Alexander Przybylsky.

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It all happened on Tuesday, just before two o’clock. – It was just a break, I was doing my homework here at the premises of the primary establishment, that is, at school, in the office – he reports.

As a manager, she had a lot of work, because the end of the year is approaching, you need to prepare certificates. Like all Pozna residents, I heard a storm sweeping through the city. Lightning, thunder and torrential rain slowly began to paralyze the city’s traffic from 1:00 in the afternoon.

Director Danuta Mikołajczak ordered the hall to be vacated at the last minuteTVN24

I received the signal ‘in advance’.

– At one time the farm manager came to me very attentive. Danuta Mikoujaczak said she said there were some leaks, water is starting to come out and that worries her a lot.

– I think I got the signal “in advance”. Despite the workload, I decided to go see what she told me for myself. when i entered [na teren hali – red.]The kids were getting ready, as usual [do zajęć – red.], They ran down the aisle – describes Mikołajczak.

But she indicated that the floor was already wet. – I was so sensitive that no one would break a leg or simply slip, I instructed the coaches to start assembling the sets. It was as if it was exaggerated, [takie się – red.] Then he looked – he remembers.

A roof collapsed in a sports hall on the Pod Lipami estate in Pozna .TVN24

– When I went to see all the parts of the room, where it was already flying and it was so damp, it was already seconds. I don’t know how fast I’m running, but I kept saying “Evacuate!” The teachers pulled out the children very efficiently, we turned to see if everything was OK, a few seconds behind us – we managed to enter the focal point, there was one coach with us – the ceiling fell – finishing the headmistress.

– Did you see him? he heard? – asks the reporter.

– Yeah. And I have a shock so far – Danuta Mikołajczak succinctly answers it. In the end, thanks to the swift movement ordered by the woman, nothing happened to anyone.

The destroyed roof of a gymnasium in a school on the Pod Lipami estate in PoznanJakub Kachmarczyk / PAB

Greetings from the management of PSP

On Wednesday morning, the spokesperson for the State Fire Service’s Commander-in-Chief, Brigadier Krzysztof Batorsky, spoke about the headmistress’s position on TVN24. – It’s a deliberate act, meant to happen. It can be said that it saved the lives of children and faculty – Values.

A spokesperson for the Greater Poland Police reported the case

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The Poznan City Council confirmed that a special committee would be appointed to investigate the causes of the roof collapse. The case will also be examined by the Inspectorate for Supervision of Buildings in Buffat.

Main image source: TVN24

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