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PR expert pours a bucket of cold water on Antek Krlikowski. “The gangster from the movie turns into a life” [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

PR expert pours a bucket of cold water on Antek Krlikowski.  "The gangster from the movie turns into a life" [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

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The Internet has recently been teeming with information about the conflict in the Opozdów family. A few days ago, antique Krulikowski Accompanied by his mother-in-law and sister Joanna Obozda, he attempted to enter the apartment currently occupied by her father. It got to the point that Dariush Obozda pulled out a pistol and shot the people on the stairs, which he relayed on social media. Fortunately, nothing serious happened.

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PR expert pours a bucket of cold water on Antek Królikowski

According to the public relations expert in public figures who works with many Polish stars, the family conflict will leave an imprint on the image of the actress.

Antik and Joanna must hire a specialist, because what happened, the shooting and rows in front of the whole of Poland, is such a pathological condition that they will not be able to cope with it on their own. You can see that they don’t have anyone or they have bad piarys. Reporting events yourself on Instagram will not help, but will only raise her popularity to the level of “Love Island” or “Warsaw Shore” – as one famous PR expert admits in an interview with “Gossip”.

Both joanna obuzdawhat or what Antik Krlikowski They have been involved in show business for years. However, it must be objectively recognized that it is in the film industry who makes a greater career.

It will hurt Antek’s image, and it will translate into the quality of the proposal. He will get less serious offers. This damage to the image is already happening. After the premiere of “How to Love a Gangster” people write not about Antek, but about other actors. Antik already plays not only in gangster comedy, but, unfortunately, also plays in life.

A well-known public relations expert points out that the family should invest in the right image consultants as soon as possible and hire a specialized law firm.

A law firm with likes should issue a statement. What an idea for the actor to report everything on Instagram himself. And he was pushing through some gateway! Gangster from the movie translated to life. He’s an amateur who always hurts. I feel sorry for Antek about this situation. At the very beginning of his career and family, the young man fell into such a disease. He is a very talented actor with a natural agility and natural talent like his father. In this industry, a career, unfortunately, does not depend on talent.

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