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President of Lithuania: We are ready for hostilities from Russia | world News

President of Lithuania: We are ready for hostilities from Russia |  world News

Lithuania It still depends on the energy provided by Russia. However, last year it was the Baltic state that installed a power link to Poland, which will allow connection to the European grid. This is the security of Lithuania in a situation where Russia Cut off its access to electricity.

We are ready and prepared for hostilities from our side RussiaSuch as disconnecting from the BRELL system (electricity grid) etc., hand it over Reuters In an interview Wednesday with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nosida. The president added that he does not believe Russia is facing a challenge “in a military sense” because of this Lithuania member For this.

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President of Lithuania: We are eagerly awaiting the implementation of the next stages of the sanctions

During the interview, Gitanas Nosida stressed that his country feels solidarity with the countries belonging to the European Union regarding war In Ukraine has expanded the list of goods that can not be transported through Lithuania to the Kaliningrad Oblast, under the imposed sanctions. We feel the EU’s support because a decision has been made European Union – confirmed.

We look forward to the implementation of the next steps in the sanctions, and it would be very good if the European Commission explained them to the Russian authorities. This may remove some of the current tensions that are not in the interest of the EU or Russia

– added.

Russia has a bigger problem with Kaliningrad than with Lithuania

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European Commission: Lithuania applies EU sanctions when restricting transit of goods by rail from Russia

European Commission Confirms – Lithuania applies EU sanctions by restricting the transit of goods by rail from Russia. This was announced by UNHCR spokesperson Eric Mammer on Twitter. It is about stopping the rail transit of building materials, cement, iron and steel products between the Russian regions and the Kaliningrad Oblast. In response, Moscow threatened retaliation.

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This is not a blockade – the spokesperson for the Commission confirmed the refusal of Russia’s allegations. Eric Mammer wrote that the supply of essential goods to Kaliningrad, which is not subject to sanctions, remains undisturbed. He added that the transitional periods are now over, and that many Penalties Including Russian exports, such as steel products and building materials, just entered into force. This means – he explained – that Lithuania must apply additional controls on roads and railways transiting through the territory of the European Union.

He stressed that the controls must be proportionate and effective, and will be carried out on the basis of careful analysis, to prevent circumvention of sanctions on the one hand, and to allow free passage on the other. The spokesperson added that Brussels He is in contact with the Lithuanian authorities and will provide additional guidance on a regular basis.

EU countries adopted sanctions under which Lithuania restricts rail transport in mid-March, but they came into effect on June 18. It was the fourth package of restrictions, including transit Railroad Via Lithuania connecting Russian regions with Kaliningrad.

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Trucks on the Russian-Lithuanian borderGermany responds to Russian threats against Lithuania


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