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President of UOKiK Mayor. Severe penalties await us

President of UOKiK Mayor.  Severe penalties await us

As the paper explains, New competencies are included in the proposed amendment to the Competition and Consumer Protection Act and some other laws, the purpose of which is to implement the CPC European Union Regulation. “This is another, next to the implementation of the Omnibus Directive, which is a very important amendment to consumer rules,” we read.

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According to “DGP” A very significant change is the expansion of the research enterprise to include matters relating to the use of improper provisions of standard contracts and practices that violate the collective interests of consumers. The newspaper explains: “Currently, the authority can conduct such activities only in antitrust measures.”

“The President of UOKiK will also acquire new powers with respect to websites whose offerings are addressed to consumers. The goal is to prevent the risk of causing significant harm to the collective interests of consumers. The draft provides for the possibility of obligating the entrepreneur to make changes to its website– Reports “DGP”.

A fine of 50 million euros. Big changes in the future

“If the entrepreneur fails – even unintentionally – to comply with the demands of the UOKiK head, he will have the option of imposing a fine of up to 50 million euros” – we read.

The head of the office will also be authorized to confirm the identity of the persons involved in the flow of funds and data, as well as information regarding bank accounts and site ownership.

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