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press incident. Jdrzejczyk answered his question and the hall erupted with laughter from the Polish national team

press incident.  Jdrzejczyk answered his question and the hall erupted with laughter from the Polish national team

It was a composition with a message. Czeslav Michnievic took the second and third line players to the press conference ahead of Saturday’s game with Saudi Arabia, who didn’t even appear on the field against Mexico. And how much Jan Bednarik He has a chance to play on Saturday, Artur Jedrzejczyk has more to join the team. “I wanted to appreciate the role they play in the team. I respect their level of play, but also how they behave in the team and how much they give off the field – explained the coach, ensuring a great atmosphere within the team. Those outside the team have only grown more intense in recent days.

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Artur Jędrzejczyk: Why am I here? Dislikes? Nobody writes about anyone.

It was about the opinion of Michniewicz, who said he did not turn water into wine. And some journalists received it – according to a later translation by the same trainer – as a joke, referring to the ban on alcohol consumption in force in Qatar, with the exception of a few places that have special distribution permits. On the other hand, others have seen it as a direct extension of the idea of ​​coaching soccer players: in three days you can neither teach nor learn how to play soccer. In fact the specifier at the time said he did not turn water into wine. The pregame conference was overtime. It was impolite to get drunks out of them, the journalists explained, and the mukhtar would deny that they were mere jokes—also words about turning water into wine, and since his words are being over-interpreted, he will no longer joke and will confine himself to formality. Communication, i.e. press conferences.

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“We have a great atmosphere within the team. We have peace in the hotel, we have peace on the training ground. That is the most important thing for us, although of course we would like to have a positive atmosphere around the whole team. However, we have no influence on this, We don’t ask you for great articles, you write whatever you want – said Michniewicz.

Krychowiak spoke to Jędrzejczyk and changed his mind: “I was wondering if it might not be worth finishing and throwing shoes in the corner.”

However, Jedrzejczyk, one of Michniewicz’s most controversial picks, started the conference. – I can say that there have been situations where I haven’t been to the national team and coach Micniewic hasn’t called me yet, and I was wondering if it might not be worth finishing and throwing my boot into a corner, but Grzysek Krychowiak, who trained with Legia, told me: “Come on, bitch, we need you, you’re a VIP.” I looked in the mirror one morning and said to myself, “Oh yeah, I do corpsI’ve been to European Championships, World Championships, I’ve had a lot of these matches, and I’ve scored some goals. I will always help the team, both on and off the field. Nobody writes.

Scandal about employees? We stood two meters away from Michniewicz. Not everything is recorded

Bednarik also spoke of the weather. Aston Villa stopper is one of the biggest losers in recent months. From a completely regular player in Southampton and the Polish national team, he became a reservist: first in the club, then, after being loaned to Aston Villa, and finally also in the national team. instead of in match I played with Mexico Jacob Kewer. The coach himself admitted that it might be difficult for Bednarik to come to terms with it, because he was in the first team in the last tournament, and his goal gave him a victory over Japan in the last group match.

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“For me, the quality of the team is the most important thing. Of course, I would like to help her on the field, but since the coach made such a decision, I have to help from the side, for example for young players. I would like to play forever, but I I also know my situation lately. I’m focused on the team. I motivate and support. We all have to put our pride in our pockets and do everything we can to make sure the team does well – he said. Sports pride is one thing, team interest is another. I knew Who do I need in this tournament and for what. I took the best players, but also the best people. Who does not play, he wishes you well – argue.

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Arthur Jederzyczyk laughed. “It’s a good question, but I wasn’t in Legia then!”

It was the end of the conference, and questions about Saudi Arabia began to dominate. The centre-back was asked to come up with an idea to stop Salem Al-Dosari, who scored for Argentina an amazing goal to make it 2-1. The journalist asked Jędrzejczyk to start as the most experienced person, who remembers the clashes Legia Warsaw With Real Madrid in the Champions League. And if he succeeds in dealing with the stars of Real Madrid, it is likely that he will also find a way with the Saudis. Jedrzejczyk leaned into the microphone with liveliness and a smile. – It’s a good question, but I wasn’t in Legia then! – he said, and the hall became even happier. “But other than that, we have to focus on the whole team because there are a lot of good players there. Not only that. They all play for only three Arab clubs, they’ve had the same manager for several years and you can see against Argentina that they’re well-organized, fast and strong. But we have Good team too.”

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– Well, Jadzia noticed. We are also strong – Bednarik stressed. The most important thing is to see yourself and give a lot of yourself. In the World Cup, all teams have quality and want to win every game. We have to focus on ourselves. We can not be afraid of the opponent, because this does not lead to anything. Hopefully on Saturday it’ll be a zero in the back, we’ll score a little bit and that’ll be fine – smile at the end.

The Poland-Saudi Arabia match starts at 14:00. Live broadcast on and the LIVE application.

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