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Prices are high in Poland? There is one thing we pay less than others

Prices are high in Poland?  There is one thing we pay less than others

The European Commission has prepared a report on Internet access prices in 27 EU countries in 2020. It shows that the Internet in Poland is cheap, and converged services are the cheapest even in the entire EU.

During the preparation of the report Mobile and fixed broadband prices in Europe 2020, the European Commission took into account data from the price lists of the largest fixed and mobile Internet providers from 27 countries in the European Union, as well as Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, the United States, Japan and South Korea. In the case of Poland, the operators like UPC PolskaAnd NetiaAnd VectraAnd Multimedia Polska I orange In the case of fixed lines and orangeAnd p 4 I Polkomtel In the case of mobile lines. Prices are compared to EUR, including Purchasing power parity.

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fixed internet

Fixed-line Internet access prices were compared in five speed classes: up to 12MB/s, 12-30MB/s, 30-100MB/s, 100-200MB/s and over 200 megabytes / sec. The prices of standalone internet service plus internet service combined with fixed line as well as landline and television were analyzed separately. It turns out that they have the lowest prices in Poland in individual categories Vectra And Netia. Details in the graphic below.

European Commission report on fixed line internet prices

However, it is not the cheapest in Poland. The lowest prices in 2020 were in countries like RomaniaAnd LithuaniaAnd Bulgaria I Latvia. In contrast, the most expensive countries in terms of fixed line prices CyprusAnd BelgiumAnd Ireland I Portugal.

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close services

In the European Commission’s report, Poland did better in terms of convergent service prices. This turned out to be the cheapest in Poland and in Romania. In contrast, the most expensive countries CyprusAnd Belgium I Portugal.

European Commission Report on Convergent Services Prices

Mobile Internet

In the case of mobile Internet access, prices were also analyzed in several categories, this time differing mainly in the amount of data (0.5 GB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB and 20 GB), both independently and in combination with phone calls. The lowest prices in Poland turned out to be well below the EU average.

European Commission report on mobile internet prices

Turns out which countries have the cheapest mobile internet PolandAnd RomaniaAnd Estonia I Spain. In contrast, the most expensive countries CyprusAnd Czech RepublicAnd Malta I Lithuania.

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Image source: Shutterstock, European Commission

Text source: European Commission,

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