October 23, 2021

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Prince Charlene wasn't even wearing a wedding ring to meet Prince Albert.  Divorce rumors spread abroad

Prince Charlene wasn’t even wearing a wedding ring to meet Prince Albert. Divorce rumors spread abroad

Princess Charlene left for her homeland several months ago, and her health would have deteriorated during her visit to South Africa. This is the official reason why she has not returned to Monaco yet. In turn, according to the press, the Duchess ran away from her husband when the public learned the truth about his next illegitimate child.

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Duchess Charlene didn’t even wear her wedding ring to meet Prince Albert

anyway Duchess Charlene She claims that everything is fine in her marriage, it is impossible not to notice gestures that indicate something completely different. The media expects that the relationship crisis will be linked to reports of infidelity and illegality children Prince Albert. Officially, the guy has two of them, but in December last year they broke out again in the press gossip About the third illegitimate child.

Foreign media reports that Duchess Charlene stopped wearing a wedding ring and an engagement ring some time ago. Not only that, she seems to have stopped caring about creating appearances, because she didn’t even wear them when Albert recently visited her in South Africa.

During the visit, the couple posed together to take pictures posted online. The body language specialist said the couple looked awkward in the pictures. They both had to explain what was really going on between them. This time the prince also spoke, admitting that Duchess Charlene did not leave Monaco “in anger” and that her longer stay in South Africa was due to “medical complications”.

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The media also pointed out the fact that despite the absence of his wife in Monaco, Prince Albert did not complain about the lack of company. during the show Movie “It is not time to die” in Monte Carlo accompanied him Sharon Stone. This is not the first time. Previously, they were seen together at another prestigious party