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Prince Harry comments on the ban on wearing a military uniform at the Queen’s funeral. You know how to dress

Prince Harry comments on the ban on wearing a military uniform at the Queen's funeral.  You know how to dress

Prince Harry Two years ago he decided to “unsubscribe” from the duties of the royal family by going out with him Meghan Markle to the United States. I’m sick of the constant media attention, bro William She decided to start a new life away from royal etiquette.

The Duke of Sussex’s decision was Loss of previous titles. Harry He had to say goodbye, among other things from the position of Captain General Royal Marines. lovable Megan He could only keep the decorations he won, but he was automatically banned from wearing the military uniform for formal occasions.

Many people were convinced that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral would be an exception in this case and that Harry would appear in a neat formal attire. However, it turned out that the former Honorary Commander of the Royal Air Force at Honington could not count on any deviations from the norm.

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The intelligence of the whole situation was added by the fact that Prince Andrei, whose titles were taken among others, accused of sexual assaultAnd the got approved To appear at her mother’s funeral in military uniform. The decision caused an uproar.

In the end, Prince Harry himself decided to go back on the matter, making a private statement, asking to focus now on festivities related to the memory of the late Queen Elizabeth.

A spokesman for the Duke of Sussex also confirmed that the king’s grandson would not actually be allowed to wear a military uniform.

Prince Harry will wear a day dress to all funeral ceremonies The speaker added.

The Queen’s grandson is likely to appear in an elegant black suit.

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The last picture is very expressive, but you flew …

He chose to meet Oprah and left him in his day clothes

Squares in the selection of images never disappoint

poodle last picture 🥇🤣

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Where did they win these awards and medals? circus!

Henrik – Exit …

3 min. Ago

I will not attach decorations to a suit jacket. The place of these decorations and ribbons should be on the uniform.

He left while he was free……….. Come on Maze Zy….. He can do interviews as much as he wants and write books….

Andrzej must appear in a dress with a collar!

Harry, say something lighter? Harry- The answer was our joint decision.

future father-in-law…

11 minutes ago

If Megan changes her mind….. I will gladly accept this son-in-law

He chose to live on his own terms, perhaps saving his wife, children, and himself. Who does not understand his problem.

The medals and the back cover are a fun combination…a kind of jewelry

Bravo Harry, I’ve always known he’s a great normal guy!!!

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