June 19, 2021

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Prince Harry is finally happy!  All thanks to the United States ...

Prince Harry is finally happy! All thanks to the United States …

By all indications, Prince Harry (36 years old) has finally found his happiness on Earth. Of course, I am talking about the United States, where it is said that it feels good!

The departure of Harry and Meghan from the royal family is still causing much controversy. More than a year ago, the American couple announced that they would not perform the duties of the royal family and that they intended to live alone.

After leaving the UK, Harry and Meghan lived in Canada for a while, then moved to the US and intend to stay there for the time being.

They now have a luxurious mansion in Santa Barbara and try to live out of the limelight, although they don’t turn down interviews.

Most recently, Prince was a guest on the Dax Shepherd podcast, where he revealed his first date with Megan. The couple made an appointment at … a supermarket in London.

Windsor also revealed that he is becoming friends … Orlando Bloom! It turns out that the gentlemen share information about the paparazzi who are waiting for them!

Harry admitted that in the US he can feel like a normal person, because no one is interested in his presence there.

Do you think Harry will miss Great Britain and return to the palace?

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