October 18, 2021

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Prince Harry is injured!  The musician could not stand: "You cursed a**k"

Prince Harry is injured! The musician could not stand: “You cursed a**k”

The royal family hasn’t been having an easy time lately. It is attacked from almost all sides. This time, completely unexpectedly, the musician hit an oasis.

Prince Harry continues to surprise with new news about his family. It all started with the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he revealed what happened in court while he was still living there with his wife.

Later, the prince spoke of a difficult childhood that had a negative impact on him. He also said he had no intention of endangering his children. And just as everyone thought that was the end of the news from Buckingham Palace, “The Me You Can’t See” series appeared on Apple TV. Carol’s son revealed in him unknown facts from his life.

Not everyone welcomed the Duke of Sussex’s outspoken views. Critical comments appeared, not only from relatives of the royal family, but also from netizens and celebrities.

Burrell thinks Diana is going to be destroyed, that Harry has separated from the family and, somehow, is destroying it himself. “She would like him not to wash his dirty clothes in public and to live a quiet and peaceful life and focus on his family,” she says.

There has been information in the media that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed a contract with Spotify to produce the podcast. It turned out that the value of the contract was 35 million dollars. This made many musicians very angry, including. Oasis Artist Noel Gallagher.

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In an interview with “The Sun”, he admitted that his childhood was not easy and that his relationship with his younger brother was bad. In harsh terms, he criticized Prince Harry’s behavior.

Gallagher, like most Britons, believes that this endless attack on the royal family must be stopped. In an interview, he said Harry should “finally shut up” and called it a “bloody damn”.

Finally, he added, “This is what happens when you get to know Americans.”

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