July 27, 2021

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Prince William called Meghan Markle.  Leaked as he called it.  The Queen would not be pleased with such language

Prince William called Meghan Markle. Leaked as he called it. The Queen would not be pleased with such language

conflict Prince William I Prince Harry He is really serious. appearance Meghan Markle In the life of the royal family spoiled their relationship. Diana’s eldest son was supposed to warn his younger brother to be wary of his sweetheart, which prompted Harry to turn away from him. Now it turns out that William’s hatred for his sister’s sister has not gone away. What he said about her was revealed. Those weren’t nice words.

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This interview did not help repair relations in the royal family العائلة

Prince William invited Meghan Markle

William was supposed to get angry at her when he found out how he was treating the palace workers. We would like to remind you that reports that he was behaving inappropriately towards the service often found their way into the media. Accusations of humiliation, intimidation and causing tears were brought. Robert Lacey, royal family historian and historical advisor a series Quotes “crown” alleged words Prince WilliamWhich he was about to say when he found out what Megan was doing.

Watch this damn woman treat my co-workers so ruthlessly! had to say.

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On the other hand, a close friend of the Markle brothers was to describe someone who “could be a 500 percent nightmare”. but that is not all. Lacey denied any reconciliation between the brothers when Harry was in London for Prince Philip’s funeral. Apparently, the situation was critical. The two brothers were about to jump each other’s throats, harsh words and accusations piled up to the point that they were unable to repair the relationship.

There was no reconciliation, no fraternal conversation, and no “mini-meeting” after Philip’s death. He said that everyone misinterpreted the events.

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Do you think they will ever forgive themselves?

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