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Prince William will punish Meghan and Harry for slandering the family?

Książę William

According to foreign media, the British royal family wants to finally solve the Meghan and Harry case. Prince William suggested a meeting on the matter. According to many people, it is gaining an increasingly important position in the monarchy. Is this revenge for your rebellious brother?

british royal family She can’t talk about peace, the case has greatly tarnished her image Prince Harry I Meghan Markle. While the scandal over their relinquishing official position as members of the court seemed to close the family’s “black sheep” case, Meghan and Harry added fuel to the fire, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. They spoke unscrupulously about the pressures and abuse that would lead Markle to suicidal thoughts and her husband to a therapist. There is also increasing talk of a conflict with Prince William.

It is no secret that Harry maintains a pleasant relationship with his family and that he himself can count on such treatment. Let us remind you that Meghan’s husband decided he was treated very poorly at Prince Philip’s funeral and that he might not want to appear at the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue. Moreover, a petition was made for the duke’s voluntary renunciation of two titles, as they chose the path of celebrity. It is also possible that the rebellious American couple will pay the price for their behavior by cutting their income.

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Prince William will cut Harry off the money. His position in court is increasing

According to “New Idea”, Queen Elizabeth II is organizing a private meeting to discuss the issue of Meghan and Harry. It was supposed to be Prince William’s idea, which Princess Anna supported.

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Even before Harry and Meghan cut ties with their family, William and Anna agreed that they would be a nightmare from an organizational and public relations perspective. – We read.

Interestingly, the question of the possibility of the Sussex being cut off from financial support and deprivation of princely titles will be discussed at the meeting. Could this be how the British royal family wanted to punish Meghan and Harry, and William wanted to show his brother where he belonged? His growing position in court is being talked about more and more.

“William already has a lot of power in the family, so everyone agreed.” – The informant commented “a new idea” on the meeting proposal.

There are many indications that the family conflict has not subsided, but is gaining momentum.

come in. Chris Jackson / The Press Association / East News

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