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Prior to the organ donation procedure, the deceased was declared alive again

On March 13, a young man was hit in the head by a van in the English city of Leigh and suffered serious head injuries, and doctors told family he was “brain dead.” However, he wanted to do a process for organ donation, which gave him the identity of life.

According to the British Tabloid Metro, the 18-year-old Louis Roberts family had already agreed to donate his organs to seven people, but while waiting for the process to take place, his sister, Jade Roberts, decided to encourage him to breathe on her own, and when she did, the boy’s own sister As shown in the video posted on Facebook, he responded by breathing.

We do not know where to start .. Posted on behalf of the whole family .. After several tests yesterday Northern staff said Louis had given up the fight and had no answer and suffered brain stem death … We signed up with you for conversations you never believed … today In the morning we wanted to say our final goodbyes. He was officially certified dead yesterday … and his death was even announced for execution .. I went with Emily, brother and sister and law at midnight, I grabbed Louise’s hand and told her to breathe after 1 2 3. .. We waited for several days to show a brown coat, to show that he took a breath for himself, but we had nothing..When I said 1 2 3 breath Louise showed a brown line. The middle line of the video shows Louis showing himself a breathless brown line..when I said breath he showed a brown line, he took a told us that this must be an error that is impossible. They are sorry, they understand such a difficult time for the family … We agreed that Louis could not hear that it was not difficult … We came back home for a phone call … ‘Louis is breathing now’ .. His eyes are nothing to us. Zero … and he’s brain dead and brain stem dead, certified to be actually dead .. People like the hospital family can not even believe the miracle they said, they have never seen this, Louis second person to do this all over the whole world !!!! Mega mega mixed emotions .. totally unbelievable … please pray, we are so overwhelmed to hear that we lost our boy. They have apologized … it is noteworthy that they have made a big mistake. … but our boy is here … he breathes fully by himself, it was said that it was impossible … ABSOLUTE MIRACLE. Video Attacht Everyone’s static messages, posts, etc. are highly appreciated, and it’s crazy on the wheel

Posted by Jade Roberts 2021 March 18 Thursday

“It simply came to our notice then. He was officially pronounced dead yesterday. I took Louise’s hand and told her to breathe after counting to 3. When I said ‘1, 2, 3, breathe’, a brown line appeared [no aparelho médico]”Jade explains.

He says doctors explained that it could be a problem with the device, and he firmly believes it could be so, but when he got home, a call came in from the hospital saying his brother was actually breathing.

A week later, he even shared that his brother was able to spend a whole day without using a lung ventilator, but he needed to breathe again through the devices. Despite his progress, Louise’s condition is still deteriorating and the family is trying to raise money through crowd funding to pay for treatment.

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