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probe. High prices – the fault of this? The Poles replied

probe.  High prices - the fault of this?  The Poles replied

Russia and the European Union’s climate policy and the Polish government are responsible for high fuel and energy prices. In turn, increases in basic items clearly go to the expense of the current government, which, in addition, is not doing enough to protect households from rising prices, according to the IBRiS survey of Rzeczpospolita.

to ask Who is responsible for the rise in energy and gas prices?Respondents cited three factors: Russia (56%), EU climate policy (50.6%) and government (48.1%). The lowest indicators such as the entity responsible for the increases are given to energy companies (36.6%), global problems related to Covid-19 (28.4%) and the opposition (9.4%).

Another issue discussed in the survey was the high prices of basic products such as bread, sugar and flour.

The largest group of respondents believes that the government (63.5%), global economic problems related to the pandemic (59.8%) and the Polish National Bank (32.3%) are to blame.

— indicates the record. The European Union (17.3%) and the opposition (8.5%) are least to blame. As the magazine explains, more than one answer can be chosen for both questions.

Another question from the survey relates to the rescue measures undertaken by Mateusz Morawiecki’s office. Ask IBRiS Is the government taking appropriate measures to protect families from the effects of price hikes?.

Nearly 60 percent of respondents think no (definitely not – 35.8%, rather no – 23.7%). The government’s actions were evaluated favorably at just over 37 percent. Respondents (definitely yes – 5.7%, rather yes – 31.7%)

– Marks “Rzeczpospolita”.

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The IBRiS telephone survey was commissioned by Rzeczpospolita on 7-8 January on a sample of 1,100 respondents.

kk / PAP

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