September 21, 2021

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Products disappear from shelves.  A new law will enter into force in July

Products disappear from shelves. A new law will enter into force in July

Very stupid law. The lion’s share of European plastic litter in the oceans is fishing nets and other waste from fishing, which is worth investing in new technologies and degradable fishing gear. Second, the ban on straws in the US has been easily avoided by companies by designing new lids for cups that use more plastic than traditional straw cups. Another thing, what would be an alternative to plastic bags, let’s face it, it would be paper bags, so we will cut down more trees again, unprofitable from an environmental point of view. Another innovative alternative to plastic, the so-called water-based plastic is very expensive at the moment, and not very encouraging, unless you don’t mind carrying groceries in a plastic bag made from e-cola-derived plastic. Another thing regarding the amount of waste in the oceans and seas remains the responsibility of the European Union. As it turned out, not so much, in the worst case, 4-5%. For example, Italy, despite being a much larger economy, produces almost three times less waste than Egypt. The largest garbage collectors are China, the United States, India, Brazil and Indonesia, but these regulations will not apply to them.

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