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Project M sounds crazy. Although it is just a prototype

Yes, we know this is more of a show of possibilities than a full trailer. But it’s really hard to pass it by carelessly.


We know practically nothing about the game itself. The Korean Studio Hound 13 only tells that they are aiming for a mix of RPG and action game, which aims to hit PCs and consoles. In the dark, it can be assumed that it is about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S more than the previous generation.

project m (Perhaps a working title) Focuses on spectacular battles, original and interesting design of opponents, and a massive obligatory flow of blood. There is a soul that hovers over everything Evil spirits.

At the beginning of the clip we see an inscription that tells us that the part of the game is actually a prototype, serving to introduce the mechanics of combat. But it must be admitted that the Hound 13 is on the right track. Everything is amazing and atmosphere.


The appearance of this short ad is a bit like a game accident Black Legend: Wukong from a chinese studio science gameIt quickly captured the hearts of netizens, although no one had heard of the game before. I wonder if project m You will meet with similar applause.

The Black Legend: Wukong.  The game no one has ever heard of sounds crazy

The Black Legend: Wukong. The game no one has ever heard of sounds crazy

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