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Protests after the death of a 30-year-old girl from the town of Pashtina. For the “Not One Another” career: Tusk, Rosink, Brzetkevich, Kaya and others

Protests after the death of a 30-year-old girl from the town of Pashtina.  For the "Not One Another" career: Tusk, Rosink, Brzetkevich, Kaya and others

The woman was hospitalized in Pszczyna at the 22nd week of pregnancy due to amniotic fluid loss. Earlier it was found that the fetus had malformations. The woman died of septic shock because doctors – according to the family – delayed the termination of the pregnancy for a long time.

There are many voices that women have fallen victim to the tightening of the abortion law in Poland as a result of the Constitutional Court ruling on October 22, 2020.

Many famous women decided to openly oppose the ruling policy. They also participated in the demonstrations that passed through the streets of the city.

Participants in the protests demanded a relaxation of the anti-abortion law, which became stricter after the Constitutional Court ruling in 2020.

The main slogan of the demonstration was “Not one other”. “Her heart was beating too” and pictures of Isabella were among the banners the demonstrators carried.

In Warsaw, among others, Marta Umoda-Trzypatoska-Kola, Joanna Brzetkevich, Magorzata Rosink, Kasia Tusk, Monica Olignik, Magorzata Szumowska, Kayah, Mavashon, Marianna Schreiber, Paula Les with her father Tomasz Lis.

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