July 28, 2021

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PS should now go global ASAP.  Game Pass is getting stronger

PS should now go global ASAP. Game Pass is getting stronger

Sometimes I wonder what has been the most groundbreaking component of the past decade in the video game industry for me. After all, we got two new generations of consoles, a real graphical leap, ray tracing, digital power boost, streaming … I can do the exchangeBecause practically every year something important happens. But every time I don’t think about it, I turn to one answer.

a It is, of course, Game Pass from Xbox. Many people would say that this is nothing new, after all, we are not talking about an innovation that originated from the field of video games, but just something that came from the world of movies and series (Netflix or HBO Go have proven themselves for a long time). So it wasn’t an innovation in the entire pop culture realm. And while there is a lot of truth in all of this, I still think this is one of the biggest moves in gaming history.

We are talking about a subscription service, which has revolutionized the way to get content and accommodate certain businesses for all people. Today, with the Xbox (and also a powerful PC), You don’t actually need to buy boxed games. First-party titles come at a subscription price, and many other games make it hard to find time for any other premieres even if you’re just playing AAA.

Game Pass is a revolution

And when it comes to many aspects – the visual field, ray tracing technology, the transition to digital – we can talk about an evolution that simply progressed and was a corollary, then in the case of Game Pass, we should write about the revolution. Maybe that’s why she has such a strong tone? Few would have predicted that this form of distribution would be so successful. Because no one has any doubt about it.

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In fact, it is enough to go into the library now and see what we get for a few tens of zlotys a month. Well, and if you insist on having some fun, This amount can be reduced several times. Xbox is happy to flood us with more change offerings, and at the same time every month it gives us projects that are simply worth dashing about, because they are at the highest level possible.

Anyway, a user some time ago prepared a great list, which clearly shows that we are dealing with a service that offers quality titles. Up to 326 Game Pass productions can boast over 75 points on Metacritic. Furthermore, as many as 27 of them are rated over 90! On the other side of the barricades, under 59/100, we only have 11 positions. This perfectly illustrates the whole phenomenon.

You must chase the PlayStation

These numbers are impressive and probably all of us have already experienced a migration from Sony to Microsoft, precisely because of the excellent service they provide. Furthermore, with all my love for PlayStation, you have to remain relatively objective. Therefore, when some offer us first-party products at the monthly subscription price, others have raised prices and They make us pay more than 300 PLN for games. two opposites.

Play Station

However, it’s not that Sony doesn’t have any. After all, they raised the quality of the PlayStation Plus itself and threw games for premieres several times. Furthermore it, PlayStation Now is developing dynamically in many countriesWhich receives really interesting products. Recently, for example, rumors were confirmed that in July, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2 will fall there and will be a big injection for new subscribers – Rockstar games are a magnet for gamers.

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The service itself is not bad. And the error in the way it is distributed and the restrictions imposed on it. talking after all About a subscription to compete with Game PassIt is simply not available in many places. It’s a bit like Disney Plus wants to compete with Netflix. Quality may be, fans are willing to pay, but global unavailability is a huge barrier that is hard to pass.

Globalne PS Now

Your PlayStation version must be broad. As long as they close themselves off in many markets, they will stay put. The old truth is that he who stands still recedes. In the technology industry, this is especially dangerous, because it rushes in very quickly and in the blink of an eye can make a leap that is difficult to make up for later. The difference is really big.

Playstation now

Of course, I realize that there can be a lot of comments about VPN services or the account creation mantra in other countries at the moment. Certainly, this is an option, but… As you know, the biggest advantage of projects like Netflix, HBO Go, EA Pass or Xbox Game Pass is their simplicity. It’s very easy to get into the game this way, and it really doesn’t require any effort on your part.

If you want to get PS now We have to work a little. So I hope that soon the service will come to other countries, and we’ll be able to enjoy something a bit like Game Pass. PlayStation is still the leader in terms of sales, but recent months are showing that Xbox won’t handle it anymore. In any case, the effects can be seen, for example, in Japan.

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How will the future be? It’s hard to judge – that can be assumed Xbox will become increasingly popular. What about the PlayStation? Still a brand with a great reputation for providing really great first party games. However, it seems to me that they should throw something into the fight, because it would be a shame to give up this fight.