June 19, 2021

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PS5 in wooden box.  The player has set up a "secret" version of PlayStation 5

PS5 in wooden box. The player has set up a “secret” version of PlayStation 5

Some gamers complain about the cool design of the PlayStation 5, so from time to time there are different versions of Sony’s console that are supposed to present Japanese equipment with a different concept. DIY Perks decided to celebrate an event and brought back a “secret” version of the PS5.

At the beginning of the month, it introduced PlayStation 5, which received an updated housing – many players confirmed this The hardware is similar to modern computers.

DIY Perks didn’t want a classic design and built the entire project from scratch. Below you will see the material in which the YouTuber is developing the case and it must be admitted that it looks really good.

The video allows you to see the whole process From selecting materials, arranging elements, and preparing all parts. The author even demonstrates cutting out individual niches and demonstrates the process of placing the elements. Even the originator took care of details like a new key or hidden unnecessary ports. Of course, some elements could be improved, but I am sure that many gamers would like to place such a device next to the TV.

The design contrasts in an interesting way with the standard PlayStation 5 model – this time Sony opted for the modern look. DIY Perks has prepared a material to celebrate gaining 3 million subscribers to their channel.

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