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PS5 official sales score. Sony did not achieve its goals

PlayStation reacts to war.  Russians cut off from PS5, PS4 and PlayStation Store

The Japanese manufacturer has just released its financial results for the fourth quarter of operations and the full fiscal year – this year the company plans to focus on massive sales of the PS5, which should lead to significant growth.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony can talk about great difficulties – although the interest in the last generation is enormous, the difficulties in acquiring semiconductors and supply chains undoubtedly affect the state of sales. Let’s look at the last period of the manufacturer’s activity.

According to the latest financial report, As of March 31, 2022, Sony has sold 19.3 million copies of PS5 – In the last quarter, gamers bought about 2 million of the latest gaming consoles. Moreover, interest in PS4 has also increased – from January to March, customers bought 100,000 units of the older console, thus bringing the total score of the PlayStation 4 to 117 million units.

During the past fiscal year (April 2021 to March 2022), Sony sold 11.5 million PS5 units – a number much lower than originally planned in April 2021. The Japanese assumed that 14.8 million devices would be delivered to suppliers in the indicated period.

The Japanese company gave a very optimistic forecast for the next fiscal year (April 2022 to March 2023) – a significant increase in sales is expected (by 34%, or 929.2 billion yen) due to an increase in intensive supplies of hardware and peripherals and higher sales of third-party games.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that 47.4 million active PlayStation Plus subscribers were registered by March 31, 2022, while the number of PlayStation Network users reached 106 million monthly users during this period. The popularity of digital distribution continues to grow steadily, reaching 71% in the months analyzed.

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Sony’s financial report highlights:

  • 2 million PS5 shipments,
  • PS5 sales currently total 19.3 million units,
  • 70.5 million PlayStation games this quarter,
  • 14.5 million game units were released in the first quarter,
  • The percentage of digital software is 71%,
  • 47.4 million PS + subscribers,
  • 106 million monthly active users.

PlayStation Results - Fourth Quarter 2022 - Second

PlayStation Results - Q4 2022 - Q3

PlayStation Results - Q4 2022 - Q4

PlayStation Results - Q4 2022-5

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