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PS5 sale. The next threshold has been reached

Sony bragged about selling the PS5. The latest model of the Japanese console is selling well, although the lack of semiconductors has affected its availability since the day of its release.

Sony may celebrate breaking the barriers when it comes to the sale of PlayStation 5. Despite that Report For the 2021 fiscal year, it seems the Japanese haven’t been able to hit their target, and there’s no indication that the PS5 was a commercial failure.

From the information provided by representatives of the Japanese company say goodbye journalists report that in June the company managed to sell 20 million copies of the console. The aforementioned report indicated that 19.3 million units had been sold by the end of March 2022. Within two months, 700,000 had been identified on PS5. Client.

As we read on, had it not been for the disrupted supply chains caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this level of sales would have been achieved earlier.

Sony announced that the PS5 sold 80,000 in its first 82 minutes. keyboard. It took the PS4 nine days to achieve this result. Currently, of course, the Japanese company’s latest console has sold fewer PS4 copies. But Sony expects to overtake it in its fourth year of sales.

Karol Kotofsky, journalist on polygamy

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