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Psychiatrist introduces Letania from the drugs and substances Depp took and claims that the actor has “features of ability”

Psychiatrist introduces Letania from the drugs and substances Depp took and claims that the actor has "features of ability"

Amber is also suspected Leave the stool in the bed of the ex-husband. However, he does not admit this and Dogs blame.

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Mental health experts are also talking about this issue. Appointed as a witness some time ago Dr.. Shannon Carrey Diagnosed with amber Borderline disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

On Monday, in turn, he sat in the witness box Psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel Appointed by the defenders of Amber. The doctor mentioned the substances Depp abused: “Alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, opiates and more, often at the same time…”.

Dr. Spiegel says that Depp was taking additionally Legally available strong hypnotics such as “Seroquel”, as well as stimulants such as “Adderall”.

When these drugs are combined with illicit substances such as cocaine and MDMA and used chronically, The patient may become nervous, agitated, suspicious, jealous and psychotic – He said.

Dr. Spiegel believes that Depp’s drug use resulted from this “An alarming level of damage to his memory”What did his ex-therapist ask him to talk about Remember three words And repeat it after five minutes.

Mr. Deep He couldn’t remember any of themWhich is unusual for a 50-year-old man. This age group should remember two or all three words It is to explain.

The psychiatrist believes that Depp has the traits of a violent perpetrator.

Mr. Depp has the same behavior as those with substance abuse problems and perpetrators of intimate violence. These people are jealous or suspicious. They have an above-average acceptance of violence. They have violence Severe changes in mood and limited self-controlReplace, adding that “It often happens that these individuals blame the victim”.

When the lawyer asked Amber if there was evidence of these behaviors in DibaThis is stated: “Almost on the agenda.” He also added that the perpetrators of intimate violence are often people About narcissistic traits.

It is worth noting, however, that Dr. Spiegel Depp never personally checked, As the representative’s attorney pointed out, Wayne Denisonwho found it Violation of the so-called Goldwater Rules.

If you want the jury to consider my opinion as an expert witness Unethical, then I think they should decide that Dr. Spiegel replied.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for Wednesday, when she will be called as a witness Johnny’s ex-partner, Kate Moss. The form is to contact the court remotely. In one of her testimonies, Amber Heard remembered her name saying that She had heard a rumor that Depp had pushed Moss down the stairs.

Do you think Kate will confirm this?

Have you heard about the 4000 PLN bonus?? A well-known accountant explains how to receive. Who wants, can enter her name Awantelecka and read it

What a circus! Can I diagnose a person without examining him beforehand?! Only in America are such miracles

Why is this psychiatrist behaving like a patient?

Nobody believes her. 99% of the internet is behind Deep. Even if the judgment is against him, he is still victorious.

It’s strange that they let him in at all

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Best of all is that after the horrific events of May 21, when the police were called about domestic violence, two police forces arrived, and they said nothing even though the policewoman took her aside and spoke in private. There was no sign of a mess in the house, and she looked normal. After these terrible events, she showered him with text messages to let him talk to her, and indeed her sister on her behalf, even the sister who tried to twist something on him saw no marks on her face, and no one saw her.

But the psychiatrist who issued Amber’s opinion (she’s hysterical, poorly sexist, btw) didn’t examine her either!! Somehow after this opinion there was no such response How can the therapist express himself without examining the patient!! You’ve already gotten past the fact that even if someone has mental issues, they must be nervous? After all, people are recovering, they need support.. Seriously, this campaign is weak.. No matter how pathological this level of hate is… And that they both take responsibility for this huge poisonous drug is another matter.

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Depp has already lost the trial… The trial is not about who Depp’s psychic fans like more, but about whether Depp committed acts of violence against Amber. There are emails and voicemails where he apologizes for hitting her. that’s enough. The trial for him is unwinnable, and his entire line of defense is made to whitewash him in the eyes of the fans… You are so vulnerable to these manipulations by Depp’s lawyer that I can’t believe how smart you can be. As you are.

After all, Depp has already lost this trial … Depp’s psychic women, as usual, do not use their brains and defend Saint Depp so much that they forget about the subject of the trial. My dears, this is not a trial on whether or not Amber isn’t cool XD. The trial is about whether there was violence from Depp, the same emails in which Amber apologizes for hitting her and there is also a recording, that apologizing for hitting her. There was violence, so the blameless and sacred Johnny Depp would lose the trial if the case was judged on the basis of evidence, not pressure from women with psychopathology.

Please do not take money to write positive articles about Amber. All “specialists” were registered on the spin-off. They disgraced themselves.

A reminder to Depp’s women with psychiatry: Depp claims he hired an addiction doctor because…he wanted to check if he had a drug problem XD Yes, he hired a full-time addiction specialist to the bank, because he wanted to check if he was an addict…..obvious That this doctor was supposed to cure him of severe addiction to everything, because he is an alcoholic, drug addict and drug addict. How can you be as stupid as you to deny such clarity and make him a wine connoisseur XD More Depp witnesses who answered every question about his extreme addiction, “But what is addiction?” , “I don’t know what that means, take a lot of drugs” and so on. The best was his island manager who, when asked why he put Depp limp in the sand for hours, replied that she didn’t know if he was drunk xd Of course, the best thing is that all or most of the witnesses who testified in his favour were or still pay him, like all his staff or A friend hung like ivy on Debbie for the years Krystal Johnny and the Abominable Amber.

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I think they deserve each other. Both are aggressive only because of drugs and alcohol, which is because of their nature or due to some mental disorder. However, I think they were both lying to each other

Apparently, the maid found purchases in a bed under the quilt, and not him personally. It was located on the deep side. Why immediately suppose she did? And if there was a bed on her side, she probably would have been on her anyway.

Apparently, the maid found purchases in a bed under the quilt, and not him personally. It was located on the deep side. Why immediately suppose she did? And if there was a bed on her side, she probably would have been on her anyway.

American tired of a pole

Psychiatrists who didn’t even examine her in this regard said she’s like a ladybug

Kate will not confirm this, as she will be a witness on Depp’s side. I also spoke publicly about it some time ago. Like Winona and Vanessa. All in superlatives.

What a bias in the comments! Did the people defending Amber watch the interrogations? A psychiatrist makes a diagnosis without speaking? Based on the movies he played in. (John’s expert spent several hours with Amber and did all the psychodiagnostic tests.) Yes, he is addicted to alcohol and drugs, but she is also addicted to the same drugs that she took with him and there are many witnesses to her tantrums and violent behavior, even in public. Ex-wife and airport accident. Lawyers point out her many lies in her testimony, for which I hope she will bear criminal responsibility. Same story in 20 copies, different testimony when she wanted 7 million for divorce, and different now. And the whole world will remember, “Suppose J.D., a male, is a victim of domestic violence. Tell the world. We’ll see who they believe. In addition, she has a feud with the law at the age of 16, she killed her friend in a car explosion while under the influence.

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