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Public Media Awards 2021. We know the winners

Public Media Awards 2021. We know the winners

The Public Media Award in the “Word” category was awarded to Joanna Sedelica, a reporter, journalist and essayist. – The award is not only strengthened materially but also spiritually. Colloquially – gives a positive kick – evaluated. She was appreciated for her unwavering and unwavering devotion to her written work of Joseph McCewicz’s motto, which states that “only the truth is interesting.” The class leader in the “Word” category, Krzysztof Masłoń, noted that by writing it he “proves that the creator of the ‘Road to Nowhere’ was 100% right. The most far-reaching conclusions were drawn from his writing words, they pay dearly for it, because courage is the most always cost.”

The laureate emphasized that she does not write for prizes, but “if they come she is happy because the creators are as hungry for prizes as children.”. The award strengthens and strengthens not only materially but also spiritually. We, writers, feel that we are not alone, that someone notices this and strengthens us, and speaking in slang gives us a positive kick – she said. In her opinion, by awarding the prize to her books, the chapter “rewards Polish literature; the writers she wrote about – Jumperowicz, Herbert, Degat, Termand, and specifically those who did not give in to communication, despite the fact that they incredibly destroyed their persecutors and ruined their personal and healthy lives But – as she remembers – “they didn’t give up because they knew they were cooking food for us.”

In the tribute, Masłoń noted that Siedlecka, “like Wańkowicz, values ​​the best evidence of literary vitality, that is, critical reviews”. – Cedlica She has not built monuments to her heroes because, she claims, rightly so, they are only pigeons – added.

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Having read – published in Polish in 1989 – “The Colored Bird” by Jerzy Kosinski Sedlicic – instead of repeating the “violations of the persecution of a poor Jewish boy with rough and perverted cups from the Polish countryside – I got into a car or a bus and went to Dąbrowa Rzeczycka, near Sandomierz To look at this “rudeness”, talk to him, give him a voice “- reminded Masłoń. – This is how Black Bird was born, one of the most famous books I can remember. Only in 1993 did anyone use the term “hate”, but unleavened slander, deviance and campaigning were enough.. And that’s what happened next to the awardee of the third edition of the Public Information Award – Ms. Joanna Sedelica” – an assessment of Masłoń.

“Painting…” became the first accusation in world literature of Poles of cruelty toward Jews during the German occupation, and thus of complicity in the Holocaust. Sedelica’s report – as reported by Agence France-Presse – “gave hope that truth will one day triumph over fiction and falsehood.”.

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