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Pudzianowski’s lodge in the history of KSW. Everyone hacked. “Surprise”

Pudzianowski's lodge in the history of KSW.  Everyone hacked.  "Surprise"

last weekend Marius Podzianowski ukasz Jurkowski was defeated by a technician story In the third round. at the party KSW 61 Jurass showed a lot of will Fighting And even though he was already very tired, he was still striving to win. However, in each round Pudzianowski brought his opponent to the ground, where he dominated. For the 44-year-old, this was his third straight win, as well as the fifteenth victory of his career (he lost seven fights). Of these 15 victories, up to 10 have been achieved KO or TKO. According to Dominic Dornat, a journalist from Polsat Sport, no one in KSW There is no better statistic.

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Gorkovsky: Marius told me to give up because he would break my head رأس

A former UFC fighter challenges a Polish celebrity to fight in FAME MMA. “show money”

How is KO different from TKO?

A knockout is the elimination of an opponent by making them unable to continue the fight, often due to unconsciousness, fainting, exhaustion, or injury. Usually this is ten seconds, and the countdown is done by the referee. TKO is the interruption of the fight due to the opponent’s inability to continue the fight, although it is not counted.

They were expelled by Pudzian

Marcin two stars, Eric Eich, Bob Sapp, Christos Beliaphas, Rolls Gracie, Bobek, Tiberius Kowalczyk, Erko John, Nikola Milanovic, and specifically Yurkowski – all these players were sent off by Bodzian. Although most of them are called the Bodzian result must be strange and amazing. Especially since no one is going to hit him anytime soon. Materla left KSW, Khalidov fought only the last few battles MMA, a Jurkowski will likely end his career.

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Norman Park won the fight of the night at FAME MMA 10FAME MMA destroys the competition. The star revealed the sales results of the last concert

Exciting clash between two KSW legends?! Mamed: I am open minded

The two greatest KSW legends are Mamed Khalidow and Mariusz Pudzianowski. And although the Chechens fight in the middle section on a daily basis, and the Pole is in the heavyweight division, they may come together in a cage! – I’m open to that – middleweight champion says.

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