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Putin certainly does not want the world to see what these data hide. Russia has a big problem

Putin certainly does not want the world to see what these data hide.  Russia has a big problem

Regional budgets in from the Russian Federation (Currently made up of more than 80 entities) Funds important sectors such as healthcare, education, social policy and investments. 60 to 75 percent of their sources of income are taxes collected in a particular area.

Tax revenues show the reality of the Russian economy

Toth-Czifraz notes that their case was very strong at the beginning of 2022. The Russian economy was entering a period of post-Soviet recovery and Everything was going according to plan in the early months of 2022. Now, when it comes to official announcements, that’s still the case. However – as the expert points out – if you look deeper into what is hidden in the statistics, you can see serious problems revealing themselves.

Tax revenue also shows which sectors are in the biggest trouble.

Toth-Chifraz says: We’re seeing a decline in areas that are centers of the metal and wood industries, but we’re also seeing a decline in previous record revenues in coal-producing Kemer and even some oil and gas rich regions.

Regional budgets in Russia will have to cut costs. This constitutes an internal threat to the union

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Problems with the unrestricted budgets of the regions of the Russian Federation, on the one hand, may increase pressure to end the war in Ukraine, and on the other hand, strengthen local movements that want to increase independence from Moscow or even seek independence.

Other players may also try to take advantage of the difficult situation in Russia. About the Far East of Russia – As noted by Forbes magazine ← China may demand it. Hundreds of thousands of indigenous Chinese live here, and China can “defend” them and announce their return to the Chinese motherland. The chances of such a development increase the more Russia weakens due to the failed invasion of Ukraine.

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