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Putin received warnings. It was revealed how he reacted. The war in Ukraine is his historical mission

Władimir Putin (fot. Getty Images)

More and more people in the Kremlin are questioning Vladimir Putin’s decision to start a war in Ukraine and believe it was a catastrophic mistake, according to a Bloomberg report. At the same time, they are convinced that the Russian president will not step down and will not risk losing power.

Zelensky: The Russian Federation must be recognized as a sponsor of terrorism

On Wednesday, he said in a video posted on Wednesday, that sanctions against Russia are not an end in themselves, but are aimed at persuading it to seek peace.

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Read more in the report: Russia invaded Ukraine

According to Bloomberg, Putin’s decisions are being questioned by at least 10 people who hold high positions in Russian government and companies. They think they are causing a war in Ukraine ‘It was a huge mistake’It would set the country back for many years.

The agency notes that 10 politicians and businessmen in the Kremlin spoke on condition of anonymity, because they fear reprisals and do not want to comment on the war publicly.

No chance to change course

It clearly indicates that there is no chance of changing the course chosen by the President of Russia; At the same time, they agree that there is no need to be afraid of losing power. They say Putin is relying more and more on a narrow circle of trusted advisors and dismisses warnings from other officials about the “devastating economic and political costs” of carrying out the invasion.

High-ranking Russian officials have said they increasingly share US intelligence concerns that Putin may use nuclear weapons if Russian forces fail in a war with Ukraine. Putin considers the invasion his “historic mission.”

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The head of the regional authorities said: the Russians control 80% of the Lugansk region

80 percent of the territory of the Luhansk region is currently under the control of Russian forces, according to Serhiy Hayday, head of the regional authorities, on Telegram.

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“There is no doubt that support for Putin’s war remains high in a large part of the Russian elite, with many espousing the Kremlin’s narrative that conflict with the West is inevitable and that the economy will adapt to the broad sanctions imposed by the United States and its countries,” the agency said.

They are afraid of revenge

However, more and more people in government circles believe that Putin’s commitment to continue the invasion ‘condemns Russia for years of isolation’ Increasing tensions that will paralyze its economy, threaten its security, and weaken its influence in the world.

Bloomberg notes that many businessmen have made disguised statements that challenge the Kremlin’s strategy, “but many powerful players say nothing because they are too afraid of retaliation.”

High-ranking officials tried to explain to Putin, according to the agency’s informants, that the economic effects of the sanctions “would be devastating and would undo the two decades of growth that Putin provided during his rule.

He pretended to be a monk and cooperated with the enemy. Reported automatically

A man who claimed to be a monk and provided the Russians with information on the whereabouts of the wealthy have been arrested, the bureau said…

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However, Putin ignored these warnings, saying that while Russia would bear the enormous cost, the West left him no choice but to go to war. The president of Russia must also be convinced that society is behind him, and that Russians are ready to make years of sacrifice in the name of “national greatness.”

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Who decided the war?

The agency notes that “Putin is determined to continue the fight, even if the Kremlin is forced to limit its ambitions from the rapid capture of a large part of the country to all-out fighting in the Donbass region.”

According to Bloomberg, the decision to start the invasion was made by Putin and a few advisers, Including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov and Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. sources say.

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