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Putin: Russia will “do everything possible” to end the war “as soon as possible.”

​Rosja jest gotowa zrobić wszystko, aby jak najszybciej zakończyć konflikt w Ukrainie - powiedział prezydent Rosji Władimir Putin na spotkaniu z premierem Indii Narendrą Modim. Stwierdził, że Kijów odmawia negocjacji.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Russia is ready to do everything in its power to end the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible. He said Kyiv refused to negotiate.

Putin and Modi met during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. “This is not a time for war,” the Indian prime minister told the Russian president, citing problems in the food, fuel and fertilizer markets.

Putin replied that he knew Modi’s position and his concerns. We will do our best to finish it all as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the other party, the Ukrainian authorities, refused to participate in the negotiation process, and declared that they wanted to achieve their goals by military means, on the battlefield, they say. However, we will always keep you posted on what’s going on there – said the President of Russia.

Commentators point to this Putin did not use the word ‘war’, not even ‘special military operation’.As the Russians call the invasion.

Peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine were halted after the Russian army withdrew from the Kyiv region and traces of war crimes were found in some places, such as Bokza. A few days ago, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanizina said that Ukraine did not withdraw from the negotiations, but the seriousness of Russian crimes aggravated the situation.

The leaders of Central Asia and the Far East came to the summit in Samarkand. The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, also appeared. This was his first overseas trip since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

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It is with Xi met Putin. The Russian leader thanked China for its “balanced position” in the face of the Ukraine conflict. In response, the Chinese leader did not mention Ukraine at all, but had private questions and expressed his concerns. Let’s add that Xi did not eat dinner with the Russian president after that.

Putin also met, among other things, with President of Kyrgyzstan Sadir Dzaparov. And the media was not spared the fact that the leader of this Central Asian country made the Russian president wait for himself. So far, Putin has used this trick with other leaders.

Once again, Putin humiliated his own “weapon”. He had to wait for the president of Kyrgyzstan

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