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Putin will be removed? Expert on the possibility of a coup in Russia

Szanse zamachu stanu w Rosji są teraz większe niż przed agresją tego kraju na Ukrainę - uważa Naunihal Singh. Ekspert zbadał już niemal 500 zamachów stanu na całym świecie. Według autora książki "Przejęcie władzy" ryzyko dla Władimira Putina będzie rosło wraz z problemami związanymi z wojną na Ukrainie oraz coraz ostrzejszymi sankcjami Zachodu.

Nonihal Singh says the chances of a coup d’etat in Russia are greater now than they were before the country’s aggression against Ukraine. The expert has already made nearly 500 coups all over the world. According to the author of “The Seizure of Power”, the danger to Vladimir Putin will increase with the problems related to the war in Ukraine and tougher sanctions from the West.

Dr. Singh is a lecturer at the US Naval War College in Newport. According to information published on the website of the American Military University, the scientist said Specializes in searching for coups around the world and analyzing 471 of them..

Although the Russian president has eliminated his main rivals and a coup is unlikely, the situation has changed after the aggression against Ukraine, says Singh, who gave an interview to the Dutch NOS portal.

“Of course, it is unlikely in the short term that Russian generals will soon try to overthrow Putin,” said an American expert. This, in his opinion, is due to the fact that the country’s economy is benefiting from high fuel prices, and the Russian president has complete control over the security services and armed forces.

However, Singh claims she is taller The position of the current host of the Kremlin may be jeopardized in the future.

If the army continues to suffer losses, the generals may plot.

world thought.

On the contrary, General Kiryu Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, there is no doubt about it A coup in Russia is inevitable. He recently said in an interview with Britain’s Sky News that Putin is “very sick and in very poor psychological and physical condition” and “there is no way to stop the coming coup”.

Budanov’s optimism is not shared by Mark Gallotti, the British expert on Russia. “This is an attempt to divide the Russian elite, because if Kyiv really believed that a coup was inevitable, then silence would be in their interest,” Galeotti told the NOS portal.

According to an expert The situation in Russia must deteriorate dramatically before Putin begins to fear his leadership. The leadership of the armed forces, security services and the oligarchy, according to Galeotti, always conducts a profit-loss analysis.

“Many of them would like to get rid of the president, but at the moment the risk of confronting Putin is very high. The question is, what will they do if the Russian leader becomes seriously ill or the economy collapses” – notes the British expert.

The historian, political scientist and journalist Alexander Adler, who knows some of Putin’s entourage personally, also spoke about the possible coup in an interview with RMF FM radio. Vladimir Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease and will be removed from power by July By a group of assistants – he argued in an interview with the Parisian correspondent of RMF FM, Marek Gadish.

According to Adler, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and the Russian ambassador to the Vatican, Alexander Avdeev They want to remove Vladimir Putin from power precisely because of his health problems When his popularity drops sufficiently due to the unfavorable course of the attack on Ukraine.

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