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Putin’s propaganda mocks those who have fled Russia and appeals to the military: Start fighting

Putin's propaganda mocks those who have fled Russia and appeals to the military: Start fighting

The mood of the leading Russian propaganda man, Vladimir Soloviev, can be summed up in this passage as “Hello, dark, my old friend.” He demands some victories and complains about the people fleeing Russia. She sighs too. A lot – Julia Davis wrote on Twitter, constantly commenting on propaganda messages in Russia.

– That’s annoying, really annoying. After Kharkiv, there was not a single operation to relieve this bitterness, and there were no recurring or added areas. The whole West is making fun of us. I have a great request to our army: Please start fighting legally, as you can, as you have learned. Let’s start by announcing the newly liberated places. What is required for this? 300,000 people mobilized people say, “I want to go, give me a chance.” Azamat from Kaliningrad writes: “Help me go to war” – his monologue, Vladimir Solovyov, a prominent pro-Kremlin preacher, began on state television.

– I understand that the most important for us are insurance companies and financiers and I’m not joking, it is important that our financial system does not collapse. At the same time, let us not help our enemies with partial mobilization. For example, people in the far north, populations at risk, small ethnic groups, we should include this information, and do it in proportion to the number of people mobilized. Some friends showed me Western propaganda. And he continued, they lie submissively, but whether they lie or not, let us consider these matters.

At the end of his speech, Solovyov went directly to the army and mocked those who had fled Russia for “partial mobilization”. “Everything the army needs, just say it.” We civil society will support you, but let’s start liberating lands and winning now. This is very important and very necessary. As for those who escaped. Yes, they ran to Kazakhstan, well, they ran to Georgia. They say, “Stop, what’s going on?” Then they run. Famous bloggers and stuff have escaped. Yes, they all ran away – he said and showed a video clip from a Russian church, which refugees also mocked.

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