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Putin’s strategy is beginning to bear fruit. shocking poll

Putin's strategy is beginning to bear fruit.  shocking poll

As Rzeczpospolita points out, in Latin America this fear is particularly strong, but inseparable. “Similar concerns are shared by 60 percent of sub-Saharan Africans, up to 22 percent of the United States and 15 percent of Western Europeans,” the paper notes.

He asserts that Russia is responsible for this. “The energy crisis it caused and the blockade of Russian and Ukrainian grain exports have led to the economic collapse caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus and climate change that has now taken unprecedented proportions for an entire generation. The United Nations warns that 1.7 billion people face poverty and hunger but this is part of the Kremlin’s plan That in the face of such a serious challenge, support for Ukraine will recede into the background.”

According to Rzeczpospolita, the open community survey is an indication that the strategy is starting to work. Rzeczpospolita explains: “It turns out that 49 percent of South Africans, 54 percent of Nigeria or 56 percent of Indians believed that ‘Russia was right to claim greater influence in Kyiv than in the West.

He adds that, “In non-OECD countries, that is, the poorer countries in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia, 68 percent of respondents also said that ‘the West is too financially involved in supporting Ukraine’ while forgetting other needs of developing countries.

“Meanwhile, less than a fifth of the population of Egypt, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Turkey believes that the war tragedy of our eastern neighbor is one of the three most serious problems of the modern world” – reads Rzeczpospolita.

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