September 23, 2021

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Qualcomm smartphone has a surprisingly good camera

Qualcomm smartphone has a surprisingly good camera

Qualcomm, with the help of a Taiwanese company, has made a smartphone with the dumb name ASUS Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders. It turned out to be one of the best photo-enabled smartphones on the market, easily beating the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

ASUS Smartphone for Snapdragon subscribers Not only does it win the competition for the dumbest phone name in 2021, it also turns out to be an incredibly complete flagship. Not only does it have a great performance but it also crushes every photographed smartphone on earth. Or at least that’s what DxOMark claims.

Perhaps no one expected such a niche phone to turn into a really good photo smartphone – especially since ASUS made it. Well, the software works wonders as DxOMark rated it with 133 points, which puts it in fifth place in its all-time list. It is sold by only three models of Huawei and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

The Qualcomm smartphone has a surprisingly good camera/photo. DxOMark

Qualcomm has done wonders with software, but Snapdragon 888 is still ablaze

It also means that ASfSI (sorry, but I won’t use the full name every time, which pleases me) is ahead of photography monsters like the iPhone 12 Pro (and even Pro Max), the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, or OnePlus 9 Pro. Not bad for a smartphone with three lenses and a main matrix of 64 megapixels (Sony IMX 686). I should add that the next ASUS model (Zengone 8) scored 120 points. Someone had a lot of sweat on the show, no problem.

The best equipped phone on the market right now – is it really worth the $1,500?

However, it is worth remembering a small detail – ASfSI is very expensive. The cost of the phone is 1500 dollars and so far it cannot be officially purchased in Poland. You can buy the ASUS ROG Phone 5, which is basically the same device, but with a bigger battery and a much better camera. For comparison, I looked at Qualcomm equipment reviews.

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Things are different in standards. Sometimes it wins with everyone else, sometimes it loses with the Galaxy S21’s Exynos 2100 – a benchmark, like the Snapdragon 888. If someone’s curious – yes, it heats up like the devil himself – reviewers even called it too hot to hold. Comfortable in the hand. Interestingly, just right Android salad He described his camera as average. You can find links to both reviews below.

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