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Qualified PGG charcoal suppliers are already in operation. So far 10 trains

Qualified PGG charcoal suppliers are already in operation.  So far 10 trains

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The first qualified coal suppliers started operations on August 30

The network of qualified charcoal suppliers in PGG Shop is already up and running. Qualified charcoal suppliers in Polska Grupa Górnicza bring the charcoal purchased directly from the PGG online store and deliver it to the customer. PGG’s own network of suppliers aims to improve the collection and distribution of coal and ensure the lowest prices for its transmission to end users. So far, there are 10 warehouses, but eventually there will be 100 warehouses throughout Poland.


  1. Qualified Charcoal Suppliers – New from PGG
  2. PGG requirements for partners
  3. How do qualified coal suppliers work?

Qualified Charcoal Suppliers – New from PGG

Polska Grupa Górnicza (PGG), which includes more than a dozen Polish coal mines, has launched its own coal distribution network. Really Network of Qualified Coal Suppliers. The KDW network was set up in place of the previously approved coal bunkers. In June, PGG announced the hiring of companies interested in entering the coal mine sales scheme. Their selection was open and transparent, each of the entrepreneurs could participate, and it was the main criterion Delivery priceAlthough there are other requirements as well.

The first qualified coal suppliers began operations on August 30, PGG spokesman Tomasz Gogowski said on August 26.

PGG requirements for partners

When announcing recruitment for qualified suppliers, PGG has specified specific requirements relating to quality of service. PGG partners must have, among other things, with hardened and insured charcoal storage. The depot must also be secured and equipped with the appropriate infrastructure: legal scales and appropriate vehicles capable of collecting coal from the mine and delivering it to the end users.

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How do qualified coal suppliers work?

Qualified coal suppliers act as coal carrier. KDW will deliver the coal to the warehouse located in the customer’s residence area, while the whole sale transaction will be carried out by PGG Store.

At the moment, those who managed to buy charcoal in the PGG online store will be able to pick it up from five warehouses of the KDW network.

According to the company, 20 PGG suppliers will start operating soon, and so far there are 10 suppliers. In the end, KDW’s network of warehouses, more than 100, will be located across the country, which will surely make it easier for customers to get the required coal from PGG, without having to arrange transportation themselves.

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