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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. What was their marriage like?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.  What was their marriage like?

The marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip lasted more than 73 years and was the longest relationship in the history of the British royal family. After her husband’s death last year, the Queen described him as “a strength and a rock”. Although she was the throne, he was said to control private relations. Prince Philip never received the title of King, but the pain is more than that that his children did not bear his last name at first.

– If the reports from the islands are to be believed, Queen Elizabeth’s last days passed in a very cheerful mood. Apparently, she has talked a lot about Prince Philip, he is the great love of her life. She ruled 70 years, and her relationship with the Prince lasted 73 years. Ewa Ewart confirmed Friday morning on TVN24’s “Rise and You Know”TVN24 journalist and author of documentaries.

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. last year In a Christmas message, the king described him as “strength and rock.”. “That flicker of mischievous curiosity was as bright at the end as it was when I first saw him,” the Queen said of the man she had spent more than seven decades with.

Elżbieta and Filip – the beginning of acquaintance

Prince Philip Mountbatten was born in 1921 on the Greek island of Corfu, about five years older than Elizabeth. He met his future wife in 1934 during the wedding of his cousin Marina, Duchess of Greece and Denmark. However, they did not have closer contacts until a few years later, while serving in the Royal Navy, that is, in the British Navy. The British royal family paid an official visit to the Military College in Dartmouth, where Philip was a pupil. Then the 18-year-old was asked to take care of Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister Magorzata.

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Elibeta and Philip in their youthstock struggle

Philip proposed to Elizabeth in 1946, and she is said to have wanted to marry him on the spot. But her father, King George VI, objected to this. The king was guided by the care of his 20-year-old daughter under British law at the time (until 1970, he reached puberty there after turning 21). The king’s concerns also had a political dimension. Philip was a Greek prince, and there was a civil war in that country at that time. In addition, Elizabeth was about to embark on a multi-month journey to Africa.

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So the young men refrained from their engagement until the twenty-first birthday of the future queen. They married on November 20, 1947. Five years later, after the death of George VI, Elizabeth assumed the British throne. Prince Philip himself was responsible for overseeing the preparations for the coronation, which lasted more than a year. Apparently, his idea was to broadcast. The ceremony on the BBC was followed by more than 20 million people from all over Europe.

She can ask him to “shut up”

During several decades of playing the “prince-husband” – Philip was not given the title of “husband-king”, but more so later – Elipita’s husband supported her in the performance of her official duties. He often accompanied her on trips abroad, supervised the activities of many charitable organizations, and specialized in public appearances. The BBC writes that for several decades, Philip gave 60 to 80 speeches a year.

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Although from the perspective of the media and the public it appeared that Philip was in his wife’s shadow, he was said to be the dominant party in the house. The Guardian reports a story from the early days of their marriage. The couple were driving with Philip’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, to the polo club, and Elizabeth’s husband was driving. The queen was afraid that she was going too fast, she was nervous and inhaled loudly. Finally, Philip exclaimed, “If you do this again, you’ll get out of the car.” It worked, and Elizabeth soon fell silent.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince PhilipGetty Images Europe

Upon their arrival, Lord Mountbatten asked, “Why didn’t you protest? You were right, he was going too fast.” Elizabeth replied: But you heard what he said.

But the newspaper notes that the queen was not submissive. Philip was quick to anger and could yell at everyone, and she got used to that. According to royal biographer Sarah Bradford, quoted by the Guardian, she was able to tell him to “shut up” and make it clear that he “didn’t know what he was talking about”.

Why was Philip not given the title of king?

Prince Philip has reportedly lamented for many years that he was “the only man in the country who cannot give his name to his children”. In the end, Elizabeth II decided to give all her children – Charles, Anna, Andrew and Edward – the double title Mountbatten-Windsor.

Elizabeth’s wife did not receive the title of king. After his wife assumed the throne, Philip began to be called the Duke of Edinburgh. In 1957, Elizabeth officially appointed him Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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As the BBC explains, in keeping with British tradition, a man who marries a queen cannot be called a king. Only men who inherit power are entitled to this title. However, this rule does not apply to women. Camilla, the wife of the new King Charles III since then She will be called “Queen Consort”. This title corresponds to the will of Elizabeth II.

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Main image source: Getty Images Europe

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