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Queen Elizabeth II did not like Meghan Markle’s wedding dress: ‘She thought white was a color for women’

Queen Elizabeth II did not like Meghan Markle's wedding dress: 'She thought white was a color for women'

About the preparation process before the big wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle May 2018 wasn’t the easiest, we’ve known him for a good few years. The British press here and there quoted the alleged whims of the Americans. However, these sensations were not presented in such an intense dose as I did now Katie Nicholl in this book New Royals.

The months leading up to the Sussex weddings were said to have been difficult for the royal family. The Queen herself had to intervene several timessee how Harry or Megan They let their nerves go.

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What Megan Wants The Mechanism To Get! He was on the verge of shouting into Prince Harry’s royal wardrobe when consensus had yet to be reached on which tiara Meghan would borrow from Elizabeth II for his wedding.

Of course, the king severely reprimanded this kind of behavior. The issue of Meghan’s dress color could also become a source of potential conflict. Well, Megan, whose first wedding was not, of course, insisted that she wanted to wear a pure white dress.

The Queen was surprised by Meghan’s choice of pure white on her wedding day. Maybe it’s a generation gap, but you see that if you’ve been married before, you should be ‘white’ as the Duchess of Cornwall did (Camila – editor) – We read in Nicole’s book.

Meghan just happened to be at the castle to try some of the dishes. The hostess told that she smelled an egg in one of the dishes. She was angry. she said that The dish was supposed to be vegetarian and macrobiotic. Then it came unexpectedly queen. She said: Megan, in this family we don’t talk to people in that tone..

Unfortunately, the wedding did not end the problems with the new family member. The book’s author mentions how the newly poured Duchess of Sussex was invited to accompany the Queen on a journey by the Royal Train. Although the trip itself was supposed to be relatively painless, Meghan was reluctant to adjust to the royal customs prevalent in the family.

After a separate trip to Dublin, Megan was criticized for her extravagant wardrobe, which included outfits from Givenchy, Roland Mort and Emilia Wickstead. The fact that Markle is no longer accepting free frills from top designers to avoid suspicion in the advertising has reportedly hurt her alive.

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to join the royal family, which, however, has more advantages than disadvantages, so when you can catch up with it, in my opinion, you just have to comply with the rules. It’s not like I’m going to eat a cookie and eat a cookie.

Meg finished. Obciach will know her

Instead of leaving the royal family before the wedding and doing whatever you want with your own money, you’d like weddings for royal money, but preferably on your own terms. weak

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He’s stupid, poser, and baby bananas. Royal rooms and minutes are not for her. He fits like a bull in a cart.

Megan wants to eat a cookie and have a cookie. They are SPOKO’s poorest employees, but they are relatively offensive.

Do these people in this family have any freedom?

Meghan had a church wedding, so the weddings were civil, and here the furious parties married, perhaps with belly alone, in white with a veil, but Megan was barking

Did you see the struggle between Domaradzka and the owner of such huge beautiful dresses? She found a lie in her profile that she was sewing 100% in Poland, but it turned out to be incorrect, and now Dumardzka was beaten up for this. They chased after her well


7 minutes ago

What, what, but the dress was beautiful

Such is the case with black women, everything has to be branded and go around in gold, a lot of gold….

There are strict rules about who can marry a prince. One of them is virginity until marriage. It was even recorded in an official document of the twentieth century.

Queen Elizabeth was wonderful.

But in our ordinary families, everyone loves everyone, everyone bears, and everything is beautiful and wonderful. I accept I accept.

The Holy Royal Family found a scapegoat, ha ha ha but the eggs

It sounds like an imaginary load of trash, very likely of course. I will skip reading

As if they didn’t have the money to buy something from the designers 🤦 What nonsense. As always, they know all about Meghan because they left her behind the wall.

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