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Queen Elizabeth II is dead. Charles Health – The New King

Queen Elizabeth II is dead.  Charles Health - The New King

Queen Elizabeth II’s health He had been worried for months. The Queen rarely appeared in public, and many important events took place without her participation. On Tuesday, the king was still in office. At Balmoral Castle, she greeted Boris Johnson, who had resigned as Prime Minister of Great Britain, and then met the newly appointed Prime Minister, Liz Truss. It was also at this time that Queen Elizabeth II was photographed for the last time.

Queen Elizabeth II’s health deteriorated on Wednesday. Then Buckingham Palace reported that the doctors had recommended Her Highness to rest. In a later announcement, it was announced that the Queen was under the care of doctors concerned with her health.

Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday afternoon at the age of 96. She was the longest-reigning president in British history and one of the longest-serving heads of state in the world. The cause of the death of Queen Elizabeth II It is still unknown.

Charles assumed the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth IIher eldest son. He is now the new king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. William, the eldest son of Charles, became the heir to the throne. The new King of Great Britain will be named Charles III.

Charles is the oldest rising monarch in British history. He turns 74 in November.

Little is known about the health of the new king of Great Britain. Throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, she was primarily the focus of all attention. Although it should be noted here that the health of representatives of the British royal family, even royalty, was briefly informed.

Carol is a member of a long-lived family. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, better known as Elizabeth, the Queen Mother – Queen Elizabeth II’s mother and Charles’s grandmother – lived to be nearly 102 years old. Charles’ father, Prince Philip, died on April 9, 2021, shortly before his 100th birthday. Queen Elizabeth was 96 years old on the day of her death.

Queen Elizabeth II struggled Raynaud’s phenomenon. The same goes for Charles. This condition can be observed by looking closely at his hands. In the pictures from many official ceremonies you can see that Fingers can swell and redden. Carol jokingly called them “sausages” once. Under the influence of hypothermia (often), the blood vessels temporarily narrow, limiting blood flow, usually to the fingers and toes. They fade quickly, then may appear bluish (purple), and eventually turn red or purple.

Carol suffered twice with COVID-19. The first person to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 was from the British royal family. He was first diagnosed with the infection in the spring of 2020. He fell ill for the second time in February of this year. After first being exposed to the virus, he struggled for some time With loss of sense of smell and taste.

back to the past – Britain’s new king has suffered some serious injuries behind him. Most of them were the result of exercise. In 1980, reported that he was kicked by his horse During a polo match And you need six stitches. And again, also in the middle of the game, he got hit in his throat and lost his voice for a few days. in 1990 He broke his right arm The result of a fall during a polo match. In 1992, he underwent surgery to repair the meniscus in his left knee. A year later, the fall exacerbated an old back injury. Once again, the reason was the beloved polo. In 1998, he fell off his horse while hunting. Then break a rib. In the following years, he sustained minor injuries during various activities.

In 2008, it was removed A non-cancerous growth on the bridge of the nose In a simple routine procedure, and in 2003 Underwent hernia surgery At the King Edward VII Hospital in London.

As a child, at the age of 13, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, He underwent appendicitis surgery.

British royal family members We have the best professionals at our disposal. They are available 24 hours a day. appear when needed. They react as soon as possible when the first symptoms appear.

Carroll can boast a slim figure, which may be a genetic issue, but the new king’s love of sports is also important. He is a great opponent of cigarette smoking. He once said amusedly that he smoked when he was a student, but quit quickly when he was eleven.

Carroll has been concerned with issues related to climate change and environmental protection for years, but he’s also no stranger to health. The new king He is interested in alternative medicine. In the past, ministers have called for a more holistic approach to tackling health problems.

For the environment and reduce the carbon footprint He recently changed his eating habits. As he himself admitted, he does not eat meat or fish twice a week, and one day he avoids eating dairy products.

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