July 28, 2021

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Question about breakfast.  A day without mistakes is a lost day.  The fight against cellulite in children is just the beginning.  There were a lot of slips

Question about breakfast. A day without mistakes is a lost day. The fight against cellulite in children is just the beginning. There were a lot of slips

bloopers They talk to everyone at work and are easy to find on live TV shows. Both host and guests of the show Question about breakfast They found out more than once. Some on their skin. Let’s remember the biggest lunchtime blunders TVP.

Explosions at “A Question for Breakfast”

Let’s start with the latest slip related to plus-size women. At Breakfasts on Facebook, there was a preview of a discussion encouraging material on the following topic: “Plus-sized women are ridiculed and hated! Can a fat girl not have a handsome boyfriend?!?” The episode’s publishers were accused of repeating stereotypes, stigmatizing and harming many women.

What are you studying on this TV? Then surprise that at school they make fun of their looks or their clothes.

You’re still shooting yourself. Does it matter if a person is thin or plump? Get rid of yourselves in the end – disgruntled netizens wrote.

Question about breakfast Facebook question about breakfast

Fighting cellulite in children 5 years old

seems strange? However, in the “Question for Breakfast” a dozen or so minutes are devoted to this topic. Moreover, there were “experts” in the studio advising how to deal with the “problem” of cellulite in Child. In such a situation, they suggested taking the child to a specialist for further diagnosis.

pytanienasniadanie.tvp.plpytanienasniadanie.tvp.pl pytanienasniadanie.tvp.pl

Breast massage prevents cancer

Maasai Breasts can save us from cancer, and doing 360 nipple flips every day will ensure effective contraception”—a statement made during a March issue of “Breakfast Questions.” At the time, the breakfast room guest was a body therapist who explained to see her The importance of massaging the breast area and the vagina, in her opinion, such procedures can protect against cancer and fibroids, which is absolute nonsense!

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Question about breakfast Screen from TVP / “A question for breakfast”

Katarzina will see you with a dog

Fortunately, there are also some funny incidents I’m talking about Katarzina Seechubek I managed to figure out the hard way. During one of the editions, the topic of adopting dogs from the shelter was discussed. So it’s no wonder some dogs show up in the recording studio. One of them jumped on the sofa to Kasia Cichopek and infuriated her, to the astonishment of the audience and the conductor herself.

Look, I’m not angry. I’m an expert mom, and I also have a dog, so I’ve already tested everything – she said.

Katarzina SeechubekKatarzina Seechubek Screen “Question for breakfast”

eat baby

The unfortunate choice of words in a sentence may also lead to error. This is exactly what happened in a Facebook post titled “Questions for Breakfast”.

Eat a child with fairy tales on your phone or tablet – are you for or against? – wrote in the post on the official fan page “Questions for Breakfast”.

The error was quickly corrected, but nevertheless a lot of memes about “eating a child” appeared on the Web.

Unfortunate accident on the fan page Unfortunate incident on the fan page “Question for breakfast” Survey Image / Facebook

Ida Novakoska and an unfortunate entrance

In one of the episodes of “Questions for Breakfast” the topic of the first weeks of motherhood was discussed. The roles of experts were played by three women – gynecologist Magdalena Gručica, mother Magdalena Terezcock and blogger Anna Shchepchenska. Each of them spoke about their experience with the topic. Ida Novakoska I read a post that does not belong to any of the women. It has become embarrassing.

But this is not my entry – suddenly said Szczypczyńska.

Oh really? Sorry, that’s what we got from the information – the presenter quickly said.

My daughter is four years old and I am not the mother of Recio – added the blogger.

I’m Rysio’s mother – Tereszczuk announced.

Aaa…because it’s your entry, I’m sorry.

But that’s not my entry either – she added a moment later.

I am very sorry, this is the information we received. Maybe you can somehow refer to this post? – Ida tried to salvage the situation.

Question about breakfast Screen “Question for breakfast”

Marzena Rogalska and the famous failed trick

The list included Marzena Rogalska and the magician Mr. Zubik, who decided to perform his trick on the then-commander.

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The journalist had to quickly put her hand on the table, on which was the screw that was supposed to disappear thanks to a magic trick. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned and Rogalska’s hand was injured. The magician apologized, but I think everyone will remember his words:

Excuse me, did you pierce your arm? – asked Mr. Zbek.

The announcer defended him on Instagram.

I know the internet is going crazy and you hate this guy who didn’t want to. Thank you for your concern, I would like to ask you at the same time: less hate and more understanding. Such things happen to me now – I wrote then.

Tomasz Kamil, Mr. Zubek, Marzena RogalskaTomasz Kamil, Mr. Zubek, Marzena Rogalska Screen z YouTube.com

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