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radiation danger? The fire brigade received tablets containing potassium iodide. “Standard Procedure”

radiation danger?  The fire brigade received tablets containing potassium iodide.  "Standard Procedure"

The Russians attacked the nuclear power plant of southern Ukraine in Mykolaiv Oblast on the night of Sunday to Monday (September 18-19). The missiles fell hundreds of meters from the reactor. This is another such facility under attack by the Russians. so far russian army The area of ​​the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant was repeatedly bombed.

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Pollution in Poland? “Let’s not assume that the Polish Atomic Energy Agency will deceive us”

Ministry of Interior and Administration on the Transfer of Potassium Iodide to Firefighters: Procedure in Case of Radiation Emergency

Ministry of Interior and Administration It reported on September 19 that last week it delivered tablets with potassium iodide to the fire departments of the region due to the fighting in the area of ​​the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. According to the ministry, this was done “as part of the activities of crisis management and civil protection” in the event of a radiological emergency. “This is a standard procedure established by law and used in the event of a potential radiological hazard,” the statement read.

And the ministry called on you not to take potassium iodide alone, because it was “advised by doctors and specialists.” At the same time I was informed that Every citizen of Poland is provided with sufficient potassium iodide.

The ministry stressed that Currently there is no radiation hazard in our country. The ministry confirmed in the published statement that the situation is under continuous monitoring by the National Atomic Energy Agency. As it was added, the agencies responsible for state security are on constant alert.

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The head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration signed a law restricting the entry of Russians into Poland

The war in Ukraine. The Russians attacked a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine

The President of Ukraine posted an industrial video camera on the Internet showing the moment of the explosion. Written by Volodymyr Zelensky Russia It puts the whole world at risk, so it must be stopped until it is too late.

The Ukrainian concern told Energoatom that the accident occurred tens of minutes after midnight. The Russian missile fell to the ground Power plantThree hundred meters from the reactors. No one was hurt, but the power station buildings were damaged. The nuclear power plant of southern Ukraine is located about 80 kilometers northwest of Mykolajo.

Russian missiles launched from Belgorod regionBelgorod residents fear war. ‘We must be ready’

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