September 22, 2021

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Radomiak Radom - Bogo Szczecin.  Split points in Radom

Radomiak Radom – Bogo Szczecin. Split points in Radom

Radom Castle has not been conquered! Radomiak – Pogoń match coverage record – click here!

Pogoń Szczecin and Radomiak Radom rarely encountered each other. So far, both clubs have played only three official matches with each other. However, they all happened a long time ago – in the 70s and 80s of the last century, Pogo won twice, once there was a tie. Interestingly enough, Porter did not lose a single goal in these matches. They wanted to keep this trend going on Monday evening.

The Costa Rangic players started to the best of their ability. In the second minute, Pyotr Parzyczyk gave the lead to Bortoum. The tall striker finished off Luis Mata’s good position. This is Parzyszek’s first goal for Pogoń Szczecin.

She was close, and soon Radomiak got a tie. Just before the Pogoń penalty area, there was a dispute between Konstantinos Triantafyllopoulos and Dante Stipica. The goalkeeper was relying on the stopwatch to kick the ball while the Greek was waiting for the goalkeeper to move. Miłosz Kozak took advantage of the confusion by hatching the ball and playing it to Luis Machado. The latter tried to shoot the ball into the goal, but was a little wrong.

The match was dynamic in the following minutes. The advantage of the Porters, who pushed the hosts on the defensive, was even more obvious. Meanwhile, Dariusz Banasik’s players relied on counter-attacks.

After 20 minutes of playing, the proportions have changed quite a bit. Radomiak emerged from behind the double guard and began to attack the inhabitants of Szczecin with greater boldness. The signal for attack was given by Leandro the Great’s cross. He sent the ball several tens of meters to Luis Machado’s shoe. Hit this without acceptance, which makes it a little tricky for Stipica. A few minutes later, Machado tried again, but to no avail.

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There was a big confusion in the 26th minute. The ball was in Pogo’s penalty area. At first it hit the post, then Luis Mata blocked it, and finally by Bowie Stolarsky. The latter suffered in a clash with Luis Machado who was trying to end the stroke of one of his colleagues.

A moment later, the Porters responded with a shot from Rafael Kurzawa from a free kick. He hit the midfielder hard and with precision, but it didn’t surprise Philip Magshrewicz who was Radom’s goalkeeper. At the end of the first half, Pyotr Parzychk almost scored the double. The attacker hit from a distance of five meters towards the far post, but lacked accuracy.

During the break, coach Panasic decided to put Luis Machado on the bench. The Portuguese were as active as the aggressive ones. 27 minutes ago He got a yellow card and fought hard against the porters. His place was taken by a very experienced person – because 35-year-old Mario Rondon. However, the guests started the second half better. Michał Kucharczyk got the perfect opportunity to improve his progress. Intuitively, his flat-footed shot reflected Majchrowicz.

In the 58th minute, the coach, Costa Rongic, sent Kamil Grosicki to the field. Changed the winger Jean Carlos, who collided with goalkeeper Radomiak. The 33-year-old was developing very slowly, while the hosts carried out a serious attack. It was driven by Leandro and finalized by Rondon. At the time of the pass, the Brazilian Benedict Zek was hooked, so the players of Radomiac demanded a penalty. After analyzing the VAR, the judge decided, however, that he would not refer to the eleventh meter.

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The hosts did not lay down their arms and persistently searched for compensation. It happened in the 90th minute thanks to Leandro. The Brazilian, who has been playing for Radomiac since the club was in the third league, scored a beautiful goal from distance. The ball bounced off the post and landed in the helpless goal of Stepka. This is the first blow of the new commander at the Ekstraklasa level.

Point distribution put Pogoń in third place in the table with 12 points. Radomiak, in turn, takes seventh place, and has 9 points in its output.

Jacob Celebic