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Radosław Majdan deceived Małgorzata Rozenek? “I was naive”

Radosław Majdan deceived Małgorzata Rozenek?  "I was naive"

Radoslav Majdan For many women it is the ideal of a man. After many failures in love, the handsome football player settled together with TVN star Małgorzata Rozenek and began to lead a family life with her. It turns out that even Maidan makes mistakes.

Małgosia and Radek are one of the most followed couples in Polish show business. Their lives fascinate millions of Poles. And lovers together appeared in two TV shows, we are talking about “Asia Express” and “Iron Majdan”. It was in them that the strength of their bond could be observed. The couple also proves their love on the web by posting many pictures and videos together. They seem like a harmonious and happy couple.

However, Radek feels some guilt on his conscience. It turns out that he cheated on his wife. Małgosia remembered a certain case years ago, when they went on a date together. While driving, Maguzia was impressed by the beautiful weather outside the window, and Radek joked that he had asked for it specially for Jozia. This wasn’t the first time he had cheated on her like this.

but that is not all. Medan deceives not only his beloved, but also children, who, surprisingly, saw Radek’s deception faster than their mother.

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However, there is no indication that Maguzia felt a grudge against Majdan. It seems that the woman has accepted his nature and can already distinguish between truth and mere lies.

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