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Radosław Majdan recalls the ex-wives, making the “50-year-old lady’s balance sheet” in the color press: “I hope they are as happy as I am now”

Radosław Majdan recalls the ex-wives, making the "50-year-old lady's balance sheet" in the color press: "I hope they are as happy as I am now"

Radoslav Majdan Although he appeared in the Polish show business many years ago, he was not always proud of good press. He achieved the “perfect” image only after a romantic relationship with her Małgorzata RozenekWith whom she raises three sons today and reports daily life on Instagram.

It’s no secret that Małgorzata Rozenek And Radoslav Majdan He is one of the most popular couples today. Although Maguzia talks about her life in the media quite often on a daily basis, it is clear that her husband is trying to keep up. Now, when Radek turns 50 soon, he has collected memories in the color pages of the press.

In “Party” magazine, an extensive interview appeared with Maigosia’s husband A kind of “50-year-old balance sheet” It opens on many topics. At first, we’re taught that age with five on top is just numbers for Radek, but he’s not particularly in the mood for celebration. Presumably, the reason is Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. However, it states that Chance will probably prepare a surprise for him and they have joint plans.

I imagined I was going to invite a crowd of guests to the club (…)Then blow out fifty candles on the cake. But this vision is unlikely to be realized. Recent events, the war in Ukraine, have deprived me of energy for real fun. I know that we must live, but I still cannot pass by what is happening across the eastern border, carelessly. However, we already have our plans with Małgosia – Guaranteed.

Moments later we find out that Gosia has already thrown a surprise party for her husband twice, and for his fiftieth birthday, he has taken him to Miami for a Formula 1 race. This time they are going alone, which they treat as a “slightly extended history”.

We’ve been through a lot as a couple. I can’t imagine spending the second half of my life with someone else. (…) Małgosia, Henio, Stasio and Tadek are my happiness, inspiration and motivation. I am so glad we are creating a unique family – Argues.

We know, here’s such a surprise! How could it go wrong if everything worked out from the first meeting? Soon we found a common language, and we laughed at the same jokes. On the third day of my acquaintance, I told Małgosia that I loved her, because on the second day she did not believe me. What happened between us was incredible. I knew it was this person. I remember our first date. I went to get dressed, so Małgosia came out in jeans and a baggy shirt and said, “It’s not a date!” Then I suggested that we come to me. (…) We sat, had dinner, and laughed for several hours. It wasn’t embarrassing for a moment – He said.

In the meantime, there was also the topic of former partners that Radek had met before Małgosia. Today, the former goalkeeper wishes his ex-partner to follow suit and be as happy as he is now.

Each of these marriages taught me something. And each of them is a closed class. I’ve been in a different world for a long time. My family fills my whole life, and I don’t need to think about the past, wondering if I regret it or not. After all, talking about her wouldn’t make me change anything. When my son smiles at me, I know that everything in my life led to this very moment. It was worth the wait. I hope both of my ex-wives are as happy as I am in my marriage now.

At the same time, the journalist raised the topic of the upcoming “half century” in Radoslaw’s life. The latter claims, however, that he avoids summarizing his life. However, he does see some differences, even if they are downright cliched.

PESEL does its job, so to keep fit, I go to the gym four times a week. I would never allow myself to have a prominent belly or a fold of fat. For me, as a former player, that would be a failure. (…) Unfortunately, I’ve been bitten by a time molar and have recently been wearing reading glasses. These are the changes I can see. (…) I always took a little life. I’ve spent time rock ‘n’ roll, partying, and traveling abroad. In my case, fatherhood may have been delayed, but very consciously.

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Contrary to what has been said about me, my values ​​have always been honesty and truth. Even if I made any mistakes, I didn’t do it on purpose. They were not caused by bad intent or my desire to harm someone. I believe that the energy of the world or karma – if you prefer – always comes back to us.

Incidentally, we know that he was affected by Henio’s dismissal, and that the family’s nanny, Mrs. Bożenka, always scolded him when she wanted to help her son in the simplest activities. In turn, about relations with eldest sons, she says:

The boys have a father who loves him very much, so it immediately became clear that I would not replace him. Once, Tadziu asked me directly: “Radik, who are you to us?”. I told him honestly that I was a friendWho will always help him when he has a problem. [Stanisław i Tadeusz –] They call me you. I admit that I committed bribes at the beginning of my relationship with Maguzia. Stas was given two pairs of football gloves of his size to impress him. It was easier with Sadiq. When he saw me, he said, “You have a beautiful tattoo.” And we were buddies.

As for dessert, there’s the topic of midlife crisis, which can be pretty tough for guys. However, Maguzia’s husband is not afraid that it will affect him either.

I guess I’m not in danger of a midlife crisis. I am now not only a husband, but also a father, and this allows me to look at my life from a completely different perspective.. (…) Am I sorry that I am 50 years old? of course not! I was more worried when I was finishing my football career – He said.

What does Radek wish for “half a century”?

A midlife crisis doesn’t threaten him because it’s already behind him

Barbara Danca

28 minutes ago

Until Friday people

Małgonia is bigger than you

I wonder if they have an open or closed relationship.

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A really nice marriage Radek has a great connection with boys. What about Boruc? He does not care about the first son. How can you live with such a burden? This is a problem. Congratulations to Goni and Radek, the great Rudzinki. You can see that they love children and each other. Congratulations 👍👍👍

There is a fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood and the actor who plays the wolf is very similar to Radosław Majdan.

And since he’s not in prison yet, it’s possible that the prosecutor’s office is also wet because they do nothing about the art bay where he took the children and collected them…

And he says well, some things, chapters in life should be closed and not turned back, for that will not change anything. If Radek is what he’s saying, I support him, he’s gone crazy and made mistakes [ świętoszkiem nie był]But now he is settled, he loves his son and his family. And beautiful – congratulations, even if we do not like them, we must admit that with Małgorzata he calmed down and matured.

Maidan is 48 years old and Qosya is 50 years old and over…

I wrote a Zorro banner on the Berlin Wall and was given 3 years to do so

Looks like network 70…no attack…

For him, it makes sense, maybe a little colorful and sassy, ​​but nonetheless somehow they pull this car in there, saving people the embarrassment and joy of their performance. After all, without Maidanov it would be boring at times.

She looks tragic, as usual, in that white thing. Let her take something else, what’s the point of this? Unlike him, she had been going through a midlife crisis for the past 15 years. He does not remember himself for a long time.

Maybe Macron will finally break up with Russia, let it happen

It smells a bit comical and not too fresh

Maybe terribly awful on a daily basis

With her zdziadzial as Kapciosław

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