September 22, 2021

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Rafai Brzozowski for the first time comments on the parting with Anna Tarnowska: "She reacts faster, it took a while"

Rafai Brzozowski for the first time comments on the parting with Anna Tarnowska: “She reacts faster, it took a while”

in mid-April Rafai Brzozowski and Anna Tarnowska It was announced that they decided to separate after 8 years of relationship. The former fiancés released a joint statement confirming that they are no longer together. At the same time, they confirmed that this was their last word on this urgent issue and they did not intend to comment on it anymore.

the moment that Rafai Brzozowski I Anna Tarnowska They announced their separation, coinciding with the participation of the TVP star in this year’s Eurovision. Unfortunately, another defeat was waiting for him there, which probably didn’t make it any easier. It also recently emerged that his ex-fiancée already has a new partner. She praised him on Instagram on the occasion of the joint holidays.

Tarnowska hasn’t yet spoken publicly about breaking up with Ravi, so in theory she has kept her word. However, her new relationship aroused great curiosity among netizens, who to this day bombard her with questions about why she abandoned their life together. Brzozowski himself has not yet reacted to reports of the new relationship of the ex-lover.

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This song perfectly illustrates what has been going on with me lately. Eurovision Eurovision, but the fact that I had a situation where I broke up with my partner after so many years, this song is a bit personal. She says this is the beginning. Or maybe love no longer lasts time? He gets bored quickly and is constantly looking for new people. Sometimes we also run, we can not care about these emotional matters, in the pursuit of a certain daily life, work priorities diverge. – admits in an interview with the correspondent of the Jastrząb Post.

In the same interview, he also admitted that he was “ill” with parting with Anna, who today lives with her new boyfriend.

For me personally, the situation was annoying and it was very difficult for me. He should have been ill. Apparently, it took her a little faster, a little longer with me – He said.

He spoke in a similar vein in an interview with the party reporter, who asked Rafai, among other things, about dating on Tinder. To the despair of potential enthusiasts, Brzozovsky does not intend to use new technologies to meet “the one”. He also confirms that he is slowly opening up to the idea that there may still be a great love waiting for him.


Perhaps her reaction was somehow faster, and her reaction was a little longer. I just went to work, I’m not completely focused on it, but slowly you have to open your heart and it will come by itself – maintains.