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Rafal Trusskovsky in the US Congress. Avalanche of memes and jokes flooded the internet

Rafal Trusskovsky in the US Congress.  Avalanche of memes and jokes flooded the internet

Rafal Traskovsky appeared before a congressional subcommittee, where he argued that Poland was “a battleground between democracy and dictatorship.” However, the netizens’ attention was drawn to the politician’s unnatural behavior, strange accent and gestures unknown to him. So the internet is full of waves of memes and comparisons – including. In the scene from the movie “Teddy”, the announcer developed a technique of putting noodles in his mouth in order to achieve an English accent while reading the news.

Trzaskowski “in Congress” – we know what to talk about. In the second sentence – about PiS

Rafael Trzaszowski will take part in a televised hearing on Thursday in front of one of the dozen subcommittees of the US Congress. Already …

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“I have been to Congress many times and it was different than it was in the photo” – wrote PiS MP Radosław Fogiel, and mockingly shared a photo of the party’s MEP, Dominik Tarczyński, Trzaskowski: “How many people in this Congress!” Sam actually showed the photo of the US visit when he met American politicians in the Congress building. Not online while sitting in the office in Warsaw.

“Rafas Trzakovsky was heard online by a few members of several subcommittees. (Yes, not even the full commission) The U.S. Senate, but he’s fussing about it, and the whole world will listen to him. It’s a beautiful show of new colonial mentality and unfermented paraphernalia, ”rated Robert Winnicki from the Confederation.

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Internet users often compare Trzaskovsky’s performance to the cult scene of “Miss” directed by Stanislav Pareja, or suggest that he is a politician on the civil platform. He drank high energy drinks before his performance. There are many references to the development of the Chancellor of Warsaw and his knowledge of foreign languages.

Before the Congress subcommittee, Rafael Trzaszowski called himself and other city leaders “defenders of freedom, democracy and the rights of minorities.” – Today, the PiS government is trying to write its own history and erase Lech Wałęsa from the history books. Only thanks to the courage of our teachers, Polish children can learn about it (…). Thanks to us, children learn in schools about tolerance, women’s rights and climate change – he argued.

And what do internet users say? In their opinion, Trzaskowski behaved differently than usual – he made unnatural gestures for himself and tried to act like American politicians.

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