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Raise for nurses and physiotherapists

Raise for nurses and physiotherapists

There are more challenges. Some hospital administrators expect that some medical staff, including rehabilitation, will resign from civil law contracts in favor of employment contracts, and thus the problem of medical staff shortage will deepen.

Only a few days left, and the repair is not ready

The increases for health care workers will take effect on July 1. However, work on regulations that increase the minimum wage in health care is not yet complete. Today (Wednesday), a meeting of the Parliamentary Health Committee is scheduled to discuss the proposed Senate amendments to amend the law on the method for determining the minimum basic salary for some employees working in health care entities and some other procedures. The two-day session of the House of Representatives begins today and will be the last in June. Therefore, it is likely that the House of Representatives will decide whether to accept the Senate amendments, incl. Assuming an increase of 0.25 in the labor factor for all occupational categories to be covered by the amendment.

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– In adopting these amendments, the Senate took into account the financial arrangements approved on November 5, 2021 contained in the Common Position of the Tripartite Group for Health Protection, by the Government side, by the representative headquarters side of trade unions and by the side of representative employer organizations, which after seven months has become significantly obsolete – We read in the justification for the Senate amendments. She stressed that the actual increase in the salaries of health authorities’ employees will in fact be much less than what was agreed upon, due to the extremely high inflation, and the amendments took that into account.

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If the amendment is approved by the House of Representatives, then According to the estimates of the Ministry of Health presented to the Senate by Deputy Health Minister Piotr Bromber, the cost of repair will rise only this year from PLN 7.2 billion to PLN 13 billion.

In addition, a two-day demonstration is scheduled to begin in front of the lower house on Wednesday, announced by the Polish National Union of Nurses and Midwives (OZZPiP) to express its support for the Senate proposals.

Unions want guarantees for increases

Therefore, hospital administrators say that while there is little time left, they do not yet know what kind of changes they should prepare for in July.
Władysław Perchaluk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Boviat Hospital Association in Olinsky District and a member of the Senate Health Committee’s advisory team, asserts that hospital administrators are approached by trade unions wishing to sign wage agreements. Labor unions want internal guarantees about who will earn and how much, regardless of the law. However, hospital administrators cannot meet these expectations, because there is still a lot of uncertainty about final solutions – says Władysław Perchaluk.

Let us remind you that starting in 2019, those working under civil law contracts can also join labor unions. Of great concern is the issue of increasing the salaries of these employees.

The increase in the minimum wage according to the amendment applies only to persons employed on the basis of an employment contract. So hospital administrators are preparing to ease tensions and talk to doctors, nurses and other contractors. The main question is where do you get the money for wage increases for this part of the staff. – Increases to date have been implemented by valuing benefits or per person (per full-time job) – says Jerzy Welgolowsky, director of Makov Mazowiecki District Hospital.

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Another exodus towards employment contracts

Jerzy Wielgolewski also asserts that subsequent professional groups, due to the planned changes, decided to switch from civil law contracts to employment contracts.

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To date, rehabilitation specialists have worked extensively on contracts. Now they will receive such a bonus that it will pay off to go to work. They will work less and earn more. Of course I am in favor of raising salaries for all workers in the healthcare system, but we must be aware of the spillover effects of that. The number of services provided will certainly decrease. It can be similar in nursing groups – says Jerzy Willgolevsky.

As you stress, selection is usually determined by whether the reward meets the employee’s needs only to a minimum or is of a higher level. – Then the desire for the next transformation decreases – he says.

He warns that in the event of a staff shortage, the influx of people from civil law contracts or overtime beyond a full-time job will exacerbate an already dramatic employment situation. – In cow hospitals, in specialized outpatient care, doctors provide their services mainly on the basis of a civil law contract. We do not have full-time doctors in narrow specialties. They come to us from other centers – says Wielgolewski.

Hospital managers also talk about the tremendous work that awaits hospital management in terms of staffing, primarily including human resources departments. – In the meantime, the salary increases for management personnel have been forgotten – Władysław Perchaluk remarks.

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