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Ramona Rey fights for her health. The star was taken to the hospital

Ramona Rey

Ramona Rey recently disappeared from social media. Now the singer has explained the reasons for her absence from social networking sites. As it turned out, the singer had to go to the hospital.

Ramona Ri Like most Polish stars, they actively used Instagram. The actress recently disappeared from social media. Now I explained the reasons for her absence. As it turned out, Ramona had health problems and had to be hospitalized.

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Ramona Rey fights for her health. The star was taken to the hospital

“You may have noticed that I’ve been here a lot less lately…There are several reasons. The last few weeks have been some of the hardest weeks of my life and made me realize we can’t take our health for granted. What we have. It was the days I spent in the hospital You scare me so much, and the fear for my life and health reminded me to enjoy every moment, every meeting, every word, smile, and gesture.” Ramona Rey started her entry.

And the singer announced that she had to cancel scheduled concerts.

“I had to cancel the concerts and postpone the recordings of the new clip. I missed my birthday (but it’s the only thing I don’t regret ;)) but I can assure you that I will come back to you with all my might and see you soon! – The artist explained.

The star did not reveal what was wrong with her. Fans in the comments showed their full understanding and support for Ramona Rey. “Counting” – Kasia Lins Books. “Do not give us such numbers anymore”, “Healer than yeast”, “Return to strength, dear. You are wonderful” – Ramona fans commented.

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