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Ranking of the richest Polish women. At the top of the list is “Wprost” Kulczyk, but behind her back is interesting

Ranking of the richest Polish women.  At the top of the list is "Wprost" Kulczyk, but behind her back is interesting

The ranking of the richest Polish women has been published by “directly”. Dominika Kulczyk has been on top – unchanged from last year and has a pretty big advantage over the rest of the “stake”. The weekly magazine calculated her fortune at 9 billion PLN, which is 700 million PLN more than the previous year. The daughter of Jan Kolchik controls the energy company Polenergia. As “Wprost” reports, Dominika Kulczyk also received a very high tranche after the sale of a 3% stake in SABMiller in 2016 by her and her brother Sebastian – for a total of about 9.5 billion PLN.

Barbara Komorowska with her family took the second place in the list of the richest Polish women, the company “Wprost” estimated her assets at 2.2 billion zlotys. Komorowska and her husband Zbigniew are co-owners of Bakuma (her name and surname are what gave the company the name of the company). Bakoma belongs to the BZK group, other entities of which include, among others Komagra, Bioagra or polishing mills; Komorovska is also, inter alia, the owner Hotels Sunny Mill in Bydgoszcz and Rainbow Mill in Kielce.

The platform with assets of 2 billion PLN was closed in 2022 by Małgorzata Adamkiewicz. Adamkiewicz works in the pharmaceutical industry, including the creator of Adamed.

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Ranking of the richest Polish women. Grażyna Kulczyk in fourth place

Grażyna Kulczyk (with assets of 1.9 billion PLN) took fourth place in the ranking of the richest Polish women. According to the data of “Wprost”, Katarzyna also accumulated assets of more than 1 billion PLN (more specifically – about 1.1 billion PLN) franc—Niemczycka and Teresa Mokrysz. The first is the co-founder (with her husband Zbigniew) of Curtis Group, and the second is Mokate.

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The top ten also included Urszula Siecińska, Elżbieta Kaczmarek, Zyta Olszewska and Anna Podniesińska 890 million PLN, with assets of 890-933 million PLN according to “Wprost”.

Siecińska is one of the founders of Suempol, one of the largest salmon manufacturers in the world. Kaczmarek and her husband Bogdan, among others, created the furniture company Com40, Olszewska is the “mother” of Pharmacol from the drug distribution industry, and Anna Podniesińska made a fortune by bringing well-known brands to Poland, including. DHL courier, Bata shoe brands, Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency, Oscar Jacobson and Stenstroms clothing brands.

The head of the Polish oil company Orlen Daniel Obajtek.Sasin wants the heads of state-owned enterprises to learn classified information

In total, the ten richest Polish women accumulated a fortune of almost 21 billion zlotys, and the first fifty – more than 31 billion zlotys (the most in history). According to “Wprost”, to be among the 50 richest Polish women in 2022, you must have at least 63 billion PLN.

As he said on the podcast, “On the contrary.” Author of the list of the 50 richest Polish women, and editor-in-chief of “Wprost” Shimon Krawik, if men were more likely to talk about moneyso far with Women It’s hard to speak.

Any attempt to publish information about their origins faces significant opposition. We are mired in lawsuits

– said Krawich. He added that the women are afraid, among other things, that if they are put on the list, a queue of employees will soon appear and they will demand bonuses.

Once there was an argument that you want to divorce your husband, and thanks to the letter your husband will find out what his wealth is. The son of a huge beauty brand owner called and said that if my mom was on this list, she would die. She would have such a blow that she would have a heart attack

– The author of the statement indicated.

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