October 18, 2021

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Raphael Malak revealed the gender of the second child.  Son or daughter?

Raphael Malak revealed the gender of the second child. Son or daughter?

Raphael Malak about parenthood

In 2019, Camila and Rifai become parents for the first time. Then their son Maximilian was born, and turned his parents’ world upside down. He kept the model in interviews he wasn’t expecting To what extent the perspective changes after the baby is born and he tries to be the best father every day. Soon he will have the opportunity to prove himself in a little wider field, because Camilla is in her second pregnancy.

– We do not raise our son in any special way. We make sure to build strong relationships with him. We want them to always be supportive and know that they can talk to us about anything. We want him to feel loved no matter what. Of course, we offer the rules, because we were brought up that way. Right now, Maks is small, so it’s mainly about everyday life, like set sleep hours, which we strictly adhere to – Rafael Malak revealed in an interview with Belegada.

Airlines lost the luggage of Rafael Malak and his family.

Second son of Camilla and Raffei Malak

From the moment Camila and Rifai announced that they were waiting for another child, netizens began to follow their every step and wait for any new information, but Malik’s family did not reveal many details. Only now do they share with their fans their baby shower story, during which they revealed the gender of the baby. In the video that they posted online, you can see a model pierced into a beige balloon, pink scraps falling off, which means Camila will give birth to a girl. It is a real surprise even to the parents themselves, because they were expecting another son.

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I still can’t believe it. Camila Malak said: I feel like crying all the time.

– It doesn’t really happen, I have two brothers, and my dad has three siblings … me I was convinced it was impossible, but we’d have a husband anyway. Wow, just gorgeous! Poland 2014 was excited.


Raphael Malak has hidden his relationship with his current wife. Why was this so? Watch the video:

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