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RDR2 Indeed; The YouTuber visited locations from the game in the real world

RDR2 Indeed;  The YouTuber visited locations from the game in the real world
November 22, 2022, 19:32

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been compared to the real world many times, but one YouTuber decided to check out for himself what the real inspirations of the game’s creators look like.

Source: Andrew Levitt on YouTube.

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Four years after the premiere Red Dead Redemption 2 He is still able to impress Care Around detailsShown by the creators of perhaps the most famous game in the history of video games. One fan decided to see for himself how much the real Wild West Rockstar Games got into him RDR2.

similar comparisons They showed up substantially Since the release of the third Red Death. So it is not surprising Many locations from the game can be found in the real world, Including the Braithwaite mansion (modeled after the house at Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana), the Twin Stack Pass rock formation (Scotts Bluff National Monument), and several buildings from the city of Saint Denis (which Rockstar New Orleans served as the foundation for).

but Andrew Levitt is a YouTuber He did not limit himself to downloading images from real sites. The netizen has personally visited the places that served as inspiration for the creators Red Dead Redemption 2. He also took care to record the snapshots that allow you to easily compare places in Louisiana with their virtual counterparts.

Leavitt looked not only at the cities of Louisiana (which, by the way, was a slight disappointment for him; the omnipresent neon lights and other accumulations of modern culture effectively spoiled the atmosphere of the Wild West). He also went on a (very) long horse ride, visited Yellowstone Park (which may have been the inspiration for the Amparino area) and experimented with weapons known from RDR2 (even from the loading screen).

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All of this is constantly compared to the game in Levitt’s video. Sometimes digital locations are a little different from real places, but it’s still hard not to be amazed at the amount of work Rockstar Games staff put into recreating the Wild West in RDR2 (So ​​he ignores Controversial the case The so-called crunch during game development).

Compare RDR2 to reality, the video quality is amazing - Illustration #1

Red Dead Redemption 2 is live and colorfulSource: Andrew Levitt on YouTube

The material made a great impression on Internet users (see reddit and YouTube), pleased with the initiative of YouTubers on the one hand, and on the other – further proof of this Red Dead Redemption 2 It is still unmatched on the market for detailed realism. Even if it is sometimes easy to forget afterwards expertise abnormal faults.

Interested in video games (not just video games) for years, he completed his MA in Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw with a dissertation dedicated to this very topic. He began his adventure with GOL in 2015, writing for the Games Newsroom, then also for the Movie Newsroom and — Horror Horror! – Technological (there was also a participation in the encyclopedia of games). He started with platforms and remains a huge fan of them (including metroidvanias) to this day, but he has also shown interest in card games (including card ones), fighting games, soulslikes and everything related to gaming as such. Don’t ask about the graphics issues – after a few hours, the author can enjoy pixelated characters from games that recall (if not older) Game Boy times.

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