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Real estate. Booming housing rental market

Real estate.  Booming housing rental market

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The rental market is booming. It will gain importance with higher prices property option – Experts note, although they do not hide that buying your own apartment is not easy. Rising interest rates and rising home prices are narrowing the circle of people who can buy their M.

Polish people Often more than the population European Union Prefer to live in their own apartment than Leasing. In 2020, nearly 86 per cent. Of us own an apartment, 14 percent. I decided to rent – according to Eurostat data.

Experts point out that the current situation relates to, inter alia, the following: with Apartment prices rise Low creditworthiness generates a boom in the market Leasing. It is also affected by the war in Ukraine and the influx of refugees Refugees to Poland. Strengthening the rental market will lead to the development of this sector. There will be more and more rental offers with property.

– Even before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we noticed a growing demand for apartments for rent. they preferred it economic inflationgrowing interest rates and fall at the same time creditworthiness. Few people can afford to buy their own apartment, which is why they are looking for an apartment for rent. In addition, there is a large influx of refugees from Ukraine, who are also potential clients the angel. However, you can assume that you are dreaming of yourself four walls will not slow down. Therefore, we anticipate increased interest in leasing with Option Ownership. This is the proposal we make in our investments, where the amount necessary to collect your own contribution is a portion of the rent paid for rent each month – says Tomasz Szlązak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PDD SA.

The Polsat Plus group and the Polsat Foundation together for children from Ukraine

According to the analysis of HRE Investments, a week after the outbreak of war in Ukraine The total number of apartments available for rent in Poland decreased by 20-30 per cent. In turn, data from the Otodom website shows that in less than two weeks from the start of the war it increased by 166 percent. The number of views of the apartments or rooms increased. The number of inquiries also increased several hundred percent. This situation already has its consequences in terms of growth Rental pricesEspecially in big cities in Poland.

The latest Eurostat data shows that the vast majority of Poles are property-related and owns an apartment (86 percent) and only 14 percent. rent them.

For comparison, v Germany This percentage is divided in half, and across the European Union, the apartment is 70% owned. population. The lease agreement chooses 30 percent.

PDD experts point out that the current difficult situation in the market will only temper the Poles’ love of home ownership temporarily.

The main problems of people who want to have private apartmentThere is still a short supply of buildings and difficulties in collection special contribution and higher loan costs. However, in the market, apartment rental offers are starting to appear as the option to take ownership has spread over many years.

“Leasing with Access to Ownership is a good proposition for people who have trouble finding an affordable rental apartment or would like to approach the lease in a more future-oriented way, treating it as an investment closer to their own apartment purchase” – notes Marius Nowak, Vice President Chairman of the Board of Directors of PDD SA.


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